October Horror on Cable TV: Home-In theater


It's that month of the year when our cable channels bring us TONS of horror and mayhem. How about home-in theater this year? Show the pre-movie ad for popcorn and Coke, heat up some hot dogs, and watch a pre-movie short film. I recall as a kid seeing the Patterson film before a movie.

Here's some of the best channels for the season and what they are offering this month - 

SYFY  (some include - The Strangers, Dawn of the Dead,  Harry Potter series, A Nightmare on Elm Street, 28 Days Later) 

TRAVEL CHANNEL (Ghostober includes everything ghost, all the ghosts shows and specials)

AMC (some include - Ghost Ship, Halloween, Trick R Treat, The Conjuring) MY FAVORITE HALLOWEEN CHANNEL!  

ROKU (some include - Cloverfield, Night of the Living Dead, The House on Haunted Hill, Children of the Corn) 

SHUDDER (some include - Halloween, Phantasm, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 

TCM (some include - The House on Haunted Hill, Creature From the Black Lagoon, King Kong, Carnival of Souls) MY OTHER FAVORITE HALLOWEEN CHANNEL!

FREEFORM (some include - Ghostbusters, The Craft, The Goonies, Casper, Hocus Pocus)