Ice Themes For Halloween

When you think of Halloween, it's normally colors like orange and black, scents like pumpkin and cinnamon, but there is something acutely spooky about a frozen world. There are plenty of inspiring ways to use ice this October to create a horror movie marathon or an ice bar party. Here's some concepts - 

Skull ice cubes - 

Molds to make shot glasses out of ice - 

Mold to make ice luge to pour drinks down - with LED colored lights! - 

An icee maker! -

Air cooler with ice tray (great for adding more chill to your ice bar) - 

Snow cone/Shaved ice machine - 


Try the new cool cocktail favorite - sphere ice - 


An ice bucket - 

Even if you're not entertaining yet because of social distancing, I suggest an at home party with your significant other involving a mock ice bar setting.

Turn the air conditioning way down to a chilly temp (temporarily while you're having your one-on-one party). 

Put on some blue lights instead of white lights. 

Set up ice shot glasses, an ice luge, and big round ice cube balls. 


For music, I'd go north - like in Lapland or Iceland, or perhaps even some Mongolian throat singing - 




Take a chill pill and enjoy!

If you're in a movie marathon mood - make some icy drinks and icee slushes and enjoy these great chilly horror movies - 

Dead Snow
Wind Chill
The Shining
30 Days of Night
The Abominable Snowman
The Thing From Another World
Let the Right One In
The Thing