For Those Who Love the Legend of Sleepy Hollow Theme

When I was a child and our librarian during reading corner time read us Washington Irving's tale of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," I was perpetually in Halloween in my mind. 

It is a tale that is so full of autumnal vibe and spooky haunts that it pops up in a lot of haunted attractions. 

If you love the legend, here's some great versions to watch, music to listen to, and ways to put that vibe into your Halloween home - 


Sleepy Hollow
Although Tim Burton has a dreadful way of beating up the classics and messing with the storyline, this lush beautiful version of the tale is so rich and thick in autumnal creepiness that it visually reminds me of what I saw in my mind as I sat on the library floor, knees tucked up under my chin. 

Sleepy Hollow High
When five kids are forced to clean up the paths in Sleepy Hollow, one by one they are decapitated.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1999)
The original tale. 

Headless Horseman
College kids take a shortcut through the woods and are stalked by the headless horseman who wants their heads.

This made-for-TV 1980 version below stars Jeff Goldblum Dick Butkus


Haunting gothic music is ideal or even an oral telling of the legend. Set the atmosphere - 



sleepy hollow pumpkin chai tea

sleepy hollow candle

plug in halloween scent diffuser

jack o'lantern light

A period cookbook - 

Recipes abound - 

Sleepy Hollow Cocktail 

Sleepy Hollow Latte

Consider lacy drapes with open windows to flutter in the wind.

Take one table and place lit pumpkins (use battery-operated candles) at various levels of height, stack some books under some and make it a congregation for more impact.

Creepy background music or thunderstorm sounds. Go so far as to put a flickering lightning light outside the window.

Cover the furnishings in white sheets.

Turn down the lights and use candles.

Spread dried leaves around your home's front door so every time someone walks up or you come home, you hear the crunch.

Use dead twigs for decor, crosshatch them over the front door or flank the walkway, put some in a vase in the house. 

When all else fails, put on the movie, darken the room, light a candle, and enjoy something pumpkin-scented.

See you in the hollow!