Saturday, October 17, 2020

Best Autumn Recipes on YouTube


My own invention - buffalo fried chicken (marinated in buffalo sauce and milk) gravy with buffalo sauce in it, drizzled with ranch dressing 

mmmmm - autumn cooking. Let's look at some recipes on YouTube from some great cooks that really exemplify the season - 

I watch this channel and constantly. No chattering talking head, just crackling, sizzling, and beautiful scenery with the most mouth-watering food I have ever seen. Pure magic! I wish every food channel left the institutional-looking kitchen and went outdoors!
Here, this magical chef makes the most amazing Monte Cristo sandwich ever invented by man!

A good recipe channel makes it simple, clean, easy. I love the presentation and voiceover (not a fan of talking heads). These are healthy but you don't know it by looking - 

When it comes to cooking, I love to see rustic, old-fashioned kitchens or outdoor cooking. I want old world vibe and handmade lush. Girl in Calico is fascinating to watch as she captures a time capsule feel of perhaps the 1930s living. Her food is from the earth and healthy. 

You can learn more about reducing body inflammation, eating healthy, and meal prepping from this very kind and very intelligent woman who knows from practice how to beat autoimmune issues. I think the world of her clean kitchen, orderly cooking, and the taste of everything she makes. She has been a huge influence on how I plan out my meals for the week. 

This darling Irish lady brings us to the land of green and simple clean living. She lives a wholesome life with nature and simplicity and her soothing voice can lull you into believing in rainbows and leprechauns. I just adore her and her message!  Get back to basics with some simple porridge

Oh, this lady knows the seasons! Rich and yummy, amazing flavors. Chili is an autumn standard and this is one of the few recipes I follow for chili!

Happy noshing!

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