Sunday, September 6, 2020

Ways to Use Michael Myer's and Jason Voorhees Masks

There are lots of variations of the Michael Myers mask and the Jason Voorhees mask available from cheap to pricey. I like the cheap ones because the plastic and basic image without details painted in makes for some very cool opportunities. 

Wall Art - 
Plaster of paris and saran wrap and you can line the inside of the masks with the plastic wrap and fill with plaster of paris, let dry. Now you have some face molds you can put on the wall and paint or keep white.

Photo opportunities - 
Take the masks out into twilight or the night, with various lighting and settings and have a visual field day. Up your Instagram game.

In the case of the photo below, it was sunset and I saw my long shadow and thought - oh, wouldn't it be cool to put the mask on the ground and move around until I line up with it? 

Create horror scenarios - 

A friend and I posed in costumes and then Photoshopped ourselves and Michael into the setting of Michael's house. (below)

Photoshop the image onto a picture of your eye. 

In the photo below, I stood in front of a piece of Michael Myers art. 

Make a funny video like my best friend Julie and I did - 

And, be sure to collect and share Michael and Jason memes - 

Make a cheap knife by cutting the shape out of cardboard, painting the handle black and wrapping the blade in tin foil. 

Make the season yours!

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