Friday, September 18, 2020

Using Cardboard and Paper for Halloween Decor

Continuing my focus on recycling/repurposing/upscaling items that are readily available, found, or bought for very little, today I want to show the amazing potential of cardboard and paper!

new life for cardboard - aka, Amazon jetsam. 

Once you've glued these three pieces together to create a headstone, I would suggest stone paint - 

I have used it for a dummy or scarecrow like this (below) and it works well. 

Some cardboard tubes, wax and paint, add battery-operated candles and you have scary huge candles.

Having a pirate theme? Wow, this is a great idea - duct tape and cardboard barrels! 

Corrugated cardboard - peel the paper off one side of it to expose the ribbing. Spray paint silver. Hang from jute string.

This (above) is a rather sophisticated costume, but boy is it worth it!

Paper: Such an abundant resource and now it's time to use it - 

Paper lanterns with construction paper and battery-operated candle. Consider using wax paper for the background window look.

Take paper, scissors and cardboard and run with them! Oh, wait - on second thought, forget running with scissors. 

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