Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Year of the COVID Halloween

No matter how cautious we are about the comeback of COVID, Halloween is a time to get out and about to see decorations and families are going to be walking or driving the streets in search of eye candy for the season.

In fact, for the dark introverts of the season, the barren quiet might add to the atmosphere.

Here's some options for a safe and happy Halloween 2020 - 

Projecting movies - 

Family-friendly Halloween movies like "Hocus Pocus" and "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" can be projected onto your garage door for neighbors to enjoy. If you're in the backyard projecting for yourself or family, consider "Night of the Living Dead," "The Fog," "The Haunting," or "Halloween." 

Windows and doorways with a simple thin cloth can become projector targets with AtmosFX holographic videos. 

Moving the Yard Haunt to the inside - 

Why not focus on the interior more, as this is where you soak in the atmosphere. Imagine watching movies with this set up - 

Imagine the doll below spray-painted white? Some white sheets, white sheers on the windows .... This one is ideal for the movie-viewing room. Cover up tables, sofa, coffee table, everything with white sheets and the white doll staring you down....

Creating a bonfire backyard with scary storytelling and Smores - 

A bonfire in a fire pit out back, adding some seating, some smore-making tools, and a really good storyteller and you have a night of spookiness. 

Add a fireproof skull to the fire pit - 

If you can't do a fire outside, consider indoors smores-making - 

Virtual parties on Skype, YouTube or Facetime 

Celebs, newscasters, and musicians are doing virtual concerts and entertainment. Why not set up a time and some music and have your favorite friends and relatives Skype a party or YouTube live? Even Facetime? 

Make some drinks, wear a costume, say some cheers, talk all at once!

If you want to give a real party, consider having everyone wear costumes and give them some fun masks at the door. Keep the count down to maybe 10-15 people max and give them room to spread out or hold the party out back. 

When you love Halloween - nothing can bring you down this time of year! Just get creative! 

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