Monday, September 7, 2020

Instagram Tips: How to Make Halloween Instagram Pics That Get Notice!

If you want your Instagram to come to life for Halloween season, let me show you some tips to get noticed - 

Take advantage of groupings, aka the more the merrier.

Amp up the amount of something in a photo to give it impact. An army of dolls, a room full of candles, pumpkins in a row, mannequin parts in a pile....

Take advantage of lighting and shadows - 

Above, a line of people awaiting their turn on a haunted hay ride. 

In the scenario above, I took battery-operated candlesticks and hung them from fishing wire and a pushpin in the ceiling. I put it in front of a mirror in a hallway with a doll display beneath that also had battery-operated candles among the faces. What a creepy wall down the hall!

If you have an IR (infrared) night vision camera - enjoy the effects! 

Use Photoshop to take your costume or mask to a new location - 

Go to the Halloween places and share - 

Try some makeup and costume pics as well as posed scenarios - 

My bestie was willing to press her screaming face against plastic pulled tight in a doorway with a back wall light illuminating the terror - 

Tips: Remember # (hash tags) as the more the merrier to people to find you on Instagram and realize how totally fun you are. 

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