Monday, September 14, 2020

How to Reuse Plastic Items for Halloween

No doubt, like the landfills around the planet, you have plenty of plastic stored away from grocery bags to milk jugs, water bottles to lawn bags. Here's some great ideas for giving them a purpose again - 

Scarecrows and dummies - 

A large grouping of these (above) in a yard, fluttering in the wind would have such an eerie effect!

Decorations from plastic containers - 

Now these repurposed Easter Eggs get a Halloween treat repurpose! The grandkids would love these!

plastic as forms - 

Plastic masks can be used for forms - line with saran wrap and fill with plaster of paris for a wall hanging or fill with water and freeze for a scary punch bowl face.

You are only limited by your imagination! And remember, plastic and flames do not mix.

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