Halloween Crafts Made of Twigs

I will be filling September with tons of crafting and party planning so you have time to do it before Halloween. 

The month of October, expect lots of thrills, atmosphere, creepy places, scary situations, and Halloween vibe.

I will be showing you how to use gathered woodland items that are likely all around you. Utilizing these for creepy designs if totally free, with the exception of if you need wire, duct tape, paint, or twine.

Today's focus is twigs - 

Got a tree stump? Some Bark and Twigs? This is from the short film "The Birch." 

As well, some magnificent scarecrows are made with similar methods - 

Pumpkinrot - king of scarecrows

Of course when it comes down to it, something folk art-witchcraft-voodoo feeling can get to the root of a person's fears. "The Blair Witch Project" certainly gave lots of inspiration for twigs - 

Twigs are so bent, dead, and all wrong. They work great for so many things, thatched together to frame a doorway or window, a scarecrow, hanging twig figures, sculpture, and more.

Get inspired!

covers for glass candle holders

If you use switches like the figures above, the switches need to be soaked well to soften and form.

Now here's something to truly inspire - 

These twig sculptures are so magical, they make you believe in other worlds! Patrick Dougherty has done an amazing job - 

Movies to inspire: 

"Sleepy Hollow" 
"The Blair Witch Project"
"The Birch" 

Don't miss the yearly haunts on Pumpkinrot's YouTube Channel. They will seriously inspire.

Bare branches, as well, make scary trees when planted into the ground. A row of them along a walkway or a particularly creepy twisted one for indoors are awesome. As well, you can wrap twinkle lights around them or tie old dolls aged in the outdoors for a doll island or voodoo vibe.

Twigs, willow switches, bamboo, and branches are all fantastic Halloween material to work with. 

Be creative and do it for free!