Halloween 2020 Season Recycled: The Season of Frugal Design

Tomorrow we dive head-first into September on GHT. The entire month every day there will be a post on the focus of this season's theme - recycled, not store-bought, homemade, from nature....

It will be a how-to month and then October will be chills and thrills true Halloween onslaught!

Yup, sometimes it's the seasons that get is through everything. The cooler temps, the shorter days, the cozy tucked-in-the-house feel makes our vibes turn to the mysterious and exciting holiday that is Halloween. 

From now until November first, expect a LOT of posts that will help you get the vibe on and decorate with zero to very little cost. 

We are going to act postapocalyptic and use what we got!

It's easy to buy plastic disposable Halloween decor and toss it up, but turning your party, yard, or home into something truly creepy that tells a different story to each person is the vibe that lingers for folks.

You don't think it's possible to use no to very little money to scare people? You don't see the advantages of repurposing items and recycling them instead of adding to yearly disposables? What if this scary year of 2020 affected your pocketbook? Maybe staying home has given you time to create. Let's use it instead of losing it.

The awesome short horror film "Birch" certainly showed us natural elements strike something very elemental in us. 

I will show you how to use household and woodland items, found items, thrift store finds, and more to create costumes, decor, party themes, and more!