Thursday, September 17, 2020

Elvira Costume Tips and Happy Birthday Elvira (Cassandra Peterson)

Today is extra special because, even though we were born in different years, Cassandra Peterson "Elvira" and I share the same birthday! We are both redheads, Scandinavian, and tall. We both love horror and humor. 
It's tempting at Halloween time to do an Elvira costume and if you can pull this off, you are a queen! 

I have a couple of tips.  

In the above photo, I had done my mannequin up as Elvira, but I have tried the costume myself.

While you can follow her images to recreate the makeup with a heavy dose of red lips and black eyeliner, the attitude is key for Elvira. 

Honestly, once I put the wig on, I became her.

The dress is daring and it helps to wear the right push-up bra and cutlets to get everything up high. 

Want to smell like Elvira? 

And to get into the mood - a movie marathon.

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