Top 5 Cloudy Day Horror Movies


There's something about an overcast day that makes the world feel rather black-and-white, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite cloudy day horror movies, all of them in black-and-white!

Night of the Living Dead
The setting for this 1960s horror film is so ideal for a cloudy day. Overcast skies. A visit to a cemetery. It's a dream location in the rolling farmlands for when a zombie army comes a calling.

The Haunting
Easily the best haunted house movie of all time. A group of investigators are assembled to stay in a supposedly haunted mansion to find evidence of life after death. The dark dreary interior of the mansion is the setting and it keeps a decidedly bleak attitude that matches the weather outside.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon
The creepy lagoon on the Amazon River and a team of folks looking for ancient fossils and not knowing what lurks beneath the water, stalking them. This black and white classic horror movies has some of the best scoring for extra creepiness. 

The Thing From Another World
This arctic setting pits the military against an alien invader. The subzero temperatures, howling winds, and icy feel make this one an ideal cloudy day flick. 

The Birds
One of the most iconic Alfred Hitchcock movies, The Birds has a sense of impending doom, stalking, and utter terror. All of this emphasizes the tense moments of being locked in the house and not knowing what is going on in the world outside. 

On a cloudy day, there's nothing better than black-and-white films. You might want to try a few Universal Classic Monster movies too. They are always appropriate!