Monday, August 31, 2020

Spirit Halloween 2020

 As usual, Spirit Halloween shop knows no obstacles to an awesome season. Whether you plan to go out or stay home and be spooky, this year's offerings are awesome!

I'll share the awesome finds with y'all - 

This year, you'll still find the Sanderson Sister's Hocus Pocus items, but also Trick R' Treat and our favorite character, Sam. 

Wow, this one above reminds me a certain presidential candidate...

I don't know about y'all, but I'm rather done with the baby zombie theme. 

One thing the shop is doing that is beyond awesome is carrying more very tall anamatronic figures. These are so imposing that it doesn't matter the quality or the character, they make you feel very cautious. They are expensive, but only one of these figures is a show stopper!

I was impressed with the variety of costumes this year. There were plenty of era-related ones, pop culture, classic monsters, and sugar skulls, steampunk, pirates and more!

Happy Season!

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