Fires That Never End


There are places in the world that have been burning for decades and more, and shall burn for many more - 

Derweze, Turkmenistan
"Door To Hell"
This natural gas field collapsed in 1971, leaving a crevice that is 226 feet x 98 feet in size. Authorities opted to set it afire and it has remained lit since

Centralia, Pennsylvania
In 1962 some volunteer firefighters were burning trash near a cemetery. What they didn't know was that coal was right near the surface of the ground there and it ignited.

Though they put out the surface fire, they didn't realize that the fire blazed along the coal lined mines below. Over the following weeks, it went through abandoned mines, burning its way towards the town. When they decided to dig and see how bad the fire was, they unwittingly added oxygen to it and helped it to burn even better.

Families began having carbon monoxide issues and had to abandoned their homes, businesses shut down, and over time, the entire time cleared out. It is still burning today and has enough coal to burn for another 250 years.

Jharia Coalfields in India
The first time coal fires underground were reported in these over 100-year-old coal mines was in 1916. Poisonous gas has erupted ever since, and with so much mining, the town is sitting on hollow ground that occasionally collapses. It is extremely polluted and citizens have relocated and some remain. 

Eternal Flame in the Waterfall
Orchard Park, New York
Escaping natural gas allows one to light the flame and enjoy the fire and water combo. Occasionally water splashes and the light turns off. Visitors can bring a lighter and relight it if they see it's out.

Chimera Fire, Yanartas, Turkey
Locals say a chimera underground (a fire-breathing mythical creature compised of a few animal parts) started the fire almost 2500 years ago. 

Erta Ale Volcano, Ethiopia
This volcano has been burning for a very long time and will continue to do so. Out in the middle of the desert, it is quite a sight.


  1. Very interesting!

    There is another fire which burns in the hearts of men. The fire of revenge.


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