What Are Shadow People?

What are Shadow People? 

This is my take on it - purely my own, but you might find some logic in it.

Suppose you were wandering around a cemetery and the sun was setting and your shadow cast onto the 2-dimensional images on the headstones. 

What if that headstone had intelligence and senses and perceived the shadow suddenly on its 2-dimensional plane? As all he can see is that someone showed up looking like a dot, just like him and the other dots (as that's what things look like on a 2-dimensional plane)

He'd be thinking, "who the hell just popped up here in my territory without warning?" It would seem like some kind of hoodoo magic. 

In this case, it was light creating a shadow form of the person standing there. The person is there and so is their 2-dimensional shadow, but Mr. 2-dimensional being cannot perceive the depth of the person causing the shadow, only sees the 2-dimensional shadow "person."

Now, let's imagine that a being on a higher dimension that wants to wander around and peer into our world (like you were wandering around the graveyard taking pictures or reading headstones). This higher dimensional being figures he's just watching a play being performed and enjoying the observation of 3-dimensional beings at large, their comings and goings.

What he may not realize in his viewing is that at times, he casts a 3-dimensional shadow of himself. That 3-dimensional shadow we can see, but we cannot perceive the higher dimensional being who is casting it (just like the 2-dimensional folk not perceiving our 3-dimensional form, only its effect on their dimension). 

So, this 3-dimensional formless human-like shape seems to be wandering our cemetery, watching us, peering around corners to see what we are up to. Upon occasion, whatever it is in their world that casts shadow (radiation?) creates a 3-dimensional form that we can view. 

When we see the shadow shape running around we react. The higher dimensional beings realizes, "Oh crap! They saw my shadow." And they take off.

Upon studying these things over the years and seeing them myself, there was something very featureless and showlike but also they seem surprised when we can see them. 

I'm not sure what the wave source is that creates their shadow, but for us, light hitting our form 3-dimensional form creates 2-dimensional shadow.

And, some form of energy striking their higher dimensional form creates a 3-dimensional shadow.

Enjoy this video below. Carl Sagan explained it so eloquently.