Spooky Abandoned Restaurants, Stores and Schools

Abandoned buildings are spooky as it is, but abandoned restaurants and schools carry a very odd vibe. They were once very noisy, offered sensory overload, and had moments of celebration and noise; now down to empty abandoned shells. The result can sometimes be quite chilling....

Spookhuis was a restaurant in Belgium that celebrated all things dark and satanic. It closed down and what was left made it even spookier - 

There is an abandoned air force base in Illinois believed to be haunted and no wonder - 

Abandoned McDonald's seems somehow creepy, like the death of innocence - 

Upon occasion when I'm on the road, I find abandoned restaurants. Considering the majority of restaurants fail, there are lot of these buildings awaiting new occupants - sometimes for decades. 

Here's some scenes from abandoned schools - 

In Pipestem, West Virginia, I have studied and photographed this abandoned school for years - 

Learn (here) about why some restaurant owners are turning to cleansings and blessings for their buildings. 

Abandoned Stores are interesting things. They are often left with items strewn about and shelves left askew and a vacant sad vibe. 

Abandoned malls ...

Now, how about an abandoned toy factory?

Abandoned boarding schools
Abandoned McDonald's 
Haunted chain stores
Abandoned toy factories
Abandoned malls