Friday, July 3, 2020

Outdoor Movies

Something happened on the way to avoiding COVID-19, families and couples began to bond face-to-face in a small space where they found that home is a safe place to land. 

And, as we rethink the size of our homes, the things we prioritize with our money, and wishing a simpler and safer existence, making one's home an entertainment center is critical.

And there's nothing better than projecting movies outdoors to bring everyone together on a warm summer night and into fall with happy blankets and pillows.

Many cities have wonderful programs to show old movies outdoors, but with the COVID damper on such activities, why not just do it at home? 

When I had a home with a pool, I did "Dive-In" parties. Everyone floated on rafts with foods in a cooler on a raft, and classic horror movies were projected onto the side of the house. 

Whether you do these from the pool or the yard, or sitting inside a wonderful glamping tent, you can get really creative with the setting and the comforts.

Movies that are so cool when projected - 

Night of the Living Dead
The Haunting
King Kong
The Creature From the Black Lagoon
National Lampoon's Vacation
The Birds
Any 1950s SciFi
Any Univeral Studios Monsters

And, don't forget the movie candy - 

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