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Bosnia: Land of Many Unsolved Mysteries!

Inside Bosnian Pyramid

Some countries reveal clusters of unexplained archaeological finds and phenomena. Bosnia Herzegovina is an interesting one that might go under our radar, except they keep finding amazing things there!

Bosnian Pyramids

The Bosnian pyramid complex is a pseudoarchaeological notion to explain the formation of a cluster of natural hills in the area of Visoko in central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This kind of explanation (above) is so common nowadays that I would like to rebute my entire education because it was funded by interests who will not delve into anything that threatens the dialogue of mankind that was manufactured to keep us in line.

When you consider how the pyramids have been covered up in Central America by massive jungles over thousands of years, the appearance of the Bosnian pyramids should not surprise anyone and yet academics still referred to them as "supposed." 

This rather reminds me of a child, when caught in a lie, continues to push the lie hoping that with repeating, mom and dad might accept it as truth. 

The Sarajevo Times did an article a year ago that was enlightening. 

LINK:  Underneath the layers of vegetation covering the hills in Visoko, there are layers of concrete making up what is known as the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.

One of the Bosnian Pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun, is approximately one third taller than the ancient Egyptian Great Pyramid. The Pyramid of the Sun is constructed of five thick layers of concrete (sandstone slabs, almost one meter thick for each layer), with each layer containing a fifteen centimeter layer of clay in between. Underneath the concrete and clay, the inner pyramid consists of sandstone blocks.

The concrete blocks covering the hills are being excavated and samples of the concrete have been sent to prestigious labs all over the world to be tested. The tests resulted in several interesting findings about the concrete’s properties.

It would appear from examination that the ingredients were heated to 500 degrees. After testing in Paris, they found that this concrete was five times stronger than present-day concrete. 

It would appear that experts are wanting to dismiss this finding as it doesn't fit into "what they were taught in school." But, it is impossible to ignore the tunnels and signs of obvious construction. 

Technique #1 by academics is to ignore. They figure if they don't investigate it, they give it not-worth-my-time status and hope that they don't have to go check it out. 

Technique #2 by academics is to attack the character of the person who discovered it, especially if he/she is not in academics.

Technique #3 by academics is to conclude whatever the phenomena is, it is natural, aka, chemical, geologic, erosion, gases, explanable creatures, etc.

It would appear that in this situation it is a combination of all three. First, they avoided dealing with it. Then, they attacked the man who dared to poke the hills and find the pyramids. Then, under duress to give a conclusion, they reported they were "natural hills." 

10-foot giant stone ball 

Scientists are calling this 10-foot wide sphere made of mostly iron a "concretion," or natural formation over time.  It was found in the forest, but that baffles many as they are believed to be formed in moving water. 

Large ones like this have been found on Champ Island in the Franz Josef Archipeligo, located in the extreme north of Russian Territory. This is an island never inhabited by humans as it is in an isolated extreme arctic area. 

Champ Island - extreme northern arctic

LINK:  A likely theory is that these stone balls are concretions, masses of mineral formed when a cementing sedimentary material, carried by water, comes into contact with an organic nucleus like a leaf, a twig, a shell or maybe a fossil. The resulting chemical reaction forms the ball in layers, often as perfect spheres.

Here's a video (below) of the sphere in Bosnia - 


And, adding to the high strangeness in beautiful Bosnia, we find that they have pretty frequent UFO sightings, sometimes quite stunning. 


Bigfoot in Bosnia? Similar such creatures have been seen in the Himalayas, Vietnam, Siberia, China, and other regions in Asia, Europe and Africa. It's entirely possible that whatever relic hominid this might be has many "races" that have grown and evolved in separate locations around the world, each with different descriptions. 


The explanations that readily roll off of the shoulders of academics with pre-determined agendas is becoming quite tedious to the intelligent population.

Crib notes might have helped some through school to expediently bypass studying, but once we're adults it shouldn't suffice. 

When extraordinary finds are made, we should not be looking to archaeologists, geologists, and anthropologists to give us the brief explanation because we haven't got time to look into it. 

For centuries, the population has been reading the plaques in museums to tell us what we are looking at and dismissed amazing finds because we were told they were swamp gas, drones, natural geologic formations, coincidentally aligned, the planet Venus (fill in the blank).

There is an agenda that appears to be uniform around the world, no matter the country or political framework. 

What is it they want to dismiss, hide, or erase from history? 

This is why I have Ghost Hunting Theories - we are hunting many "ghosts" to offer many explanations and much open discussion not allowed in academics. 

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  1. since I have been reading your articles on giants, I cant help but think these are done by giants as well as the iron ball, I recently was driving back from camping with the family and I could not help but notice all the areas that are not inhabited by humans on the way home or just bipassed on the highway. any of the giant races or bigfoots could still exist in these areas. as for the iron balls , Scientist have the same theory about the Moqui balls on the Arizona Utah border in places like the coral pink desert