Friday, July 31, 2020

A Month With Only Five Posts!

Going on 12 years blogging on Ghost Hunting Theories and this August I am doing something I haven't done in 12 years - doing one post a week instead of one post a day! Every Saturday - a new post! 

Remember, I also run Groovy New Life blog for baby boomers doing one new post every day also! 

Given that I am about to embark on intense autumn/Halloween posts for all of September and October, I figured I'd give myself some time to lift my head and focus on another arena of my life that needs attention - career. 

And it feels amazing to give myself a real month's vacation so I can take some time to redesign my resume and prepare for a new career as the oil and gas industry is on the rocks. 

Now, how to explain my experience in a resume???

BTW - started working on monochromatic macro 4-panel paintings. Here's some unfinished sets - 


  1. Thats is some Crazy awesome painting skills you have, and I dont care if you post once a month or a million times in a month, I believe I will always read your stuff