Monday, May 18, 2020

Release Of My Favorite Book of the Year: Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire and Faerie

I'm an author and a screenwriter. I also have two popular blogs. As a communications major and English minor, I'm not always easy to impress when it comes to fictional writing. But, I did request to review a book that was upcoming and once I tucked in to read it, I was MIA from this world and taken into a parallel one that seems similar, but has some very pivotal differences.

Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire and Faerie by Anne Merino is not only a riveting and fast-paced gorgeous vampire tale, but the characters are people you want to see in film. Here's hoping this goes to the big screen!

I was quite honored that they wished my quote of the book, should I like it. Should I like it? - oh my gosh! 

“Just the magic readers need to believe again in heroes! Instantly, I took to the hero and heroine, unable to set Hawkesmoor: A Novel of Vampire and Faerie down until I reached the brilliantly executed ending. Like a gracious hostess, author Anne Merino invited us into a most exciting world to be part of a titled family lineage with secrets to keep. When I set the book down, I felt as if I had been a willing participant in this romantic thriller.”
It's apparent that Rivercliff Books and Media picked the right author to suck readers right into a glittering familiar world that feels just a bit off....

I suggest you listen to the first chapter (LINK), then head over to Amazon (LINK) and commit. You will NOT be disappointed. I so rarely give a book two thumbs up, but this is one you keep and read whenever it's a rainy day, or autumn, or you're in the city on vacation in a high rise hotel, or on the beach under an umbrella. Yeah, that kinda book!

These characters have me utterly riveted. I adore them and care, even when they are contrary and dark, moody and angry, blissful and in love....