How Manifesting Works in the Paranormal Realm

It is popular today to discuss the concept of manifesting. It is a motivational way to reframe your life so that you imagine as clearly as you can, focus on completely the success/goal you desire. You then begin to live and act as if it has already happened. And then the universe brings you many surprises that lead to that goal. 

I think we can all agree that when we think we can't speak in front of an audience, our minds go blank. That is manifesting in a simple but very real form.

In the field of paranormal research, how you handle the unexplained follows principles of both manifestation and cognitive distortions resulting in panic, anxiety and helplessness or inquisitiveness, wonder, and insight.

In other words, if you go into a situation imagining what would happen if you got possessed, you upped your chances of being possessed. If you think you might hear something you can't explain and it's a ghost, when you hear a noise you will assume it is a ghost.

As we have no real objective evidence of ghosts or hauntings, we are stuck in the subjective and that has to process through a person's background, belief system, knowledge, sensitivity, religion, culture, and more.

I have spent many decades chasing after the unexplained, even being raised since I was a baby in a Civil War hospital that also saw battles on the property. Never once in all that time I have been threatened, possessed, attached, pushed down stairs, or any other calamity. 

In fact, it is not even in my belief system, so it is virtually impossible for me to have such issues. 

Our world is a series of events and then our own take on those events. The way we handle it has much to do with how we handled it in the past, what we believe that we have been told about how the world works, and whether we look for what's right or wrong.

When I approach a haunted location, I have a bit more senses to help me understand the energies around me, but I also approach it with curiosity. No threat. No fear. I anticipate contact and interaction. I invite the location to show its message. I expect a new experience that will enlighten me further.

How we interpret sounds, object movement, and shadows all help to manifest different experiences. I was once on an investigation when a cup flew across the room. The person with me told the story later on of the "attack" and threat, even hearing a growl and seeing a shadow - experiences I did not interpret. In fact, it seemed like an ideal burst of energy to get our attention. 

Sometimes, ghostly phenomenon seems to act like kids tugging on your pant leg. They try real hard to get your attention and when you don't respond, they tug too hard.

To me, it was a random set of circumstances that allowed us to turn our attention to a force in the room.

There is one simple reality about manifesting in the spirit world - 

You will encounter what you believe is possible.