YouTube Channels to Watch During Self Quarantine: My Top 10 Faves!

This geek girl who loves adventuring and mysteries, enlightenment and inspiration, the outdoors and alternative ways of viewing the universe has found her quarantine-loving video channels. Here's my top 10 faves I never miss a video from (in no particular order) - 

Universe In You
Dedicated to Enlighten the Inner Self and Expand the Consciousness.
I find tons of videos on all kinds of new age and reality-changing concepts.

A couple decides to live off grid in a yurt in British Columbia. Their days and nights are filled with nonstop work to shore up their homestead and make it completely independent. Fascinating process.

A charming Irish lady with a soothing voice shows us day by day how to be present in your environment, be conscious of your eating and living a sustainable healthy and calming existence. 

Sanne Vloet
Ever wonder what life is like if you're a top model? Sanne is adorably real and cute as she shares her life as a model and a health-conscious world traveler. 

Terry Carter
This long-time treasure hunter is also an archivist of the old fellas and their stories of fortunes, giants, gold, Jesuits and more. He chronicles their antics and their private secrets. Warning - once you start watching these, you can't stop. It's like sitting down with a sarsparilla and listening to an old prospector explain hidden traps, bars of gold, and being shot at.

Dr. Joe Dispenza
This is a mix of quantum physics meets mind-body connections. This expert teacher and consultant knows how to give you the healthy perspective of how to use the tool called the mind and make it do your bidding to manifest health, fortune, and happiness. 

Southern Ontarior Sasquatch
I cannot get enough of this quiet sanctuary retreat in the forests of Canada where this curious woman bravely documents some of the most extraordinary happenings. 

Secure Team 10
If you find UFO footage fascinating, are curious about what's going on in Antarctica and the dark side of the moon - this is THE channel.

Gregg Braden
A scientist who delves deeper into the mysteries of being human and how the universe works. If you ever wondered how spirituality, quantum realm, and what it means to be human come together, this is your lecturer.

For some, homesteading is a new concept and a curious one, as we are all beginning to realize our lack of independence in this crazy world. I've been into these concepts since I was a kid and our parents, who went through the Great Depression, instilled in us growing our own food and bartering for meat, dairy, honey. This channel has so much great info, even if you just want to tinker with canning or learn about homemade curatives.

Honorable mentions:
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (love to see beaches virtually since I can't go to one)

Mind Over Munch (one of my favorite food channels - this woman is smart, perky, and seriously has her food game on for feeding a family efficiently)

TED Talks (best lecture channel on many subjects)

Success Archive (great channel for inspirational and motivational videos about getting out of your own way and succeeding)

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries (c'mon, this is my stuff - love all conjecture about the ancient world)

Living Big in a Tiny House (this charming and enthusiastic young man visits people all over the world living in tiny homes, discussing how they designed them, how they live in them)

Nature Relaxation Films (these drone footage views take you to where you want to go - virtually) 

TVTERROLAND (great decades' old horror films with lots of 70s made-for-tv fun)