Friday, April 17, 2020

Review of "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch"

Reviewing "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel is an absolute pleasure. 

After seeing just a few episodes, I can say with confidence that this is my favorite nonfiction reality show - ever

As usual, History Channel knows how to approach a subject assuming our level of intelligence and earnest curiosity. 

This ranch in Northeastern Utah is popularly known for everything from high electromagnetic field waves, UFOs, strange lights, cattle mutilations, haunting features, cryptids, and more. 

It was owned at one time by Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace. His study was superficially covered in my favorite nonfiction book, Hunt for the Skinwalker. Much of the results of the studies were held under lock and key, however. After he sold the ranch, he focused on his aerospace biz.

This is interesting as the new owner, Brandon Fugal, is a real estate mogul but also a tech investor, and the lead scientist on the investigative team for the ranch is an aerospace engineer and physicist, Travis Taylor.

Travis, along with other scientists and the ranch's team for security and supervision/management, form the study group. 

As they are running test of strange microwave frequencies on the ranch and more, I have to wonder if they are onto Tesla's favorite focus - energy, frequency and vibration.

Many questions come to mind - 

Is there a portal over the ranch that earthlings could have utilized to toggle between worlds?

Is there a powerplant of free energy underground that an ancient advanced culture left behind and still running when they exited Earth? 

Is there a rare earth element we have not encountered before that only occurs in this region?

Is the land cursed by the native people?

There are so many possibilities, your head spins.

Fugal arrives at the ranch periodically by helicopter in a crisp suit and a very mechanical business-like manner, but showing both appropriate curiosity and concern for his team while outfitting them with any technology they need.

The team members complement each other in skill sets and earnest desire to learn. They run like a team that has worked together for years. The laymen who run the ranch and the scientists both seem to be on equal dumbfounded footing as they mete out the possiblities to explain the outright phenomena. 

As someone who researches the ancient prior people, especially their presence in Utah, and is a psychometrist by psychic skill set, I would be itching to walk the land, pick up some insight, and form conclusions.

For now, I must watch the show and hope they gather enough data to form a responsible conclusion. 

If I were a conspiracy person, I might say that this television show and what owner Fugal is attempting to do, might be a plot to release the concept of alien encounters. It would be much less threatening from a scientific community that allows us incremental exposure to the concept versus the government releasing it and creating a national security panic. 

As the tagline on my blog explains, "opening minds and inserting wonder." 

If I were alien, I might give the show three thumbs up, but for now this earthling will give it two!