Haunted Ghost Town With Wicked Past: Bannock, Montana!

Bannack, Montana has a reputation in its past and in its present....

In 1863, the town elected Henry Plummer as their sheriff. What they didn't know was that he was a hardened outlaw and that the office would allow him to rob and murder their own citizens. 

His past reputation included killing an unarmed man, time in prison, and running with outlaws who killed miners in the west and robbed them. 

When Plummer arrived in the town, he reformed his old band of outlaws with his eyes on the potential to be tapped. He was elected Sheriff a year after arriving.

He was able to have access to information about gold shipments to tip off his gang. The citizens became concerned when over 100 people were killed and gold shipments robbed and the sheriff seemed to not being doing a thing about it.

Thankfully, 2000 citizens banned together to see to the mess and eventually the sheriff and his men were hanged. 

Today, people report hauntings there, especially the hotel. The sounds of children, apparitions, strange mists and more are reported. Dorothy Dunn is one ghostly figure seen mostly by children. She was supposedly a victim of drowning. Also reported are some Asian women upstairs in the hotel who are seen or heard.