UFOs and Me

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Your face on the moon!

Living in the desert, I have seen many UFOs. I'm not easily impressed as I tend to be skeptical approaching anything unexplained - ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, etc. I simply need to take a breath, run through the logical explanations, test them, and see if I'm left with something still unexplainable.

What can I tell you about the variety of UFO experiences? They come in various times of day and night, colors and shapes. They can do most unusual maneuvers or seem to follow an airplane type pattern.

Let me share just some of the ones I've seen over the decades - 

A triangular UFO glided silently directly above I-10 in Ahwatukee (Phoenix, Arizona). It looked as if it were three metallic ball sections. It was witnessed by others with me who pointed and reported "that's a UFO!" (people who are not inclined to ever admit to something unexplainable). This maintained altitude around the cloud level and was on a guided path. I reported it to MUFON. 

Was it a drone? Well, here (above) is an AZ drone used in the southern half of the state to watch the borders. 


Another time, I was with a friend photographing in the desert on the way to Yuma off I-8 around the Sentinel, AZ area. 

We were photographing a broken down house in the desert that was beautiful in its decay. We looked up over the desert floor and above a distant mountain perhaps 35 miles away was a saucer above it. It was silver, classic saucer shape. This was in an open desert area with no homes or signs of life. 

The disk floating over the mountain silently. It didn't maneuver or do anything odd. It just floated over the mountain. We watched it for some time, puzzling at what it was doing there and what it was. There was no reason to be in that vacant area and lonely mountain. We were there for perhaps 15-20 minutes watching it when we had to get on the road again.


A friend visited me. He builds telescopes. He brought one with him and I decided to take him out into the desert to a place I knew that has no lights. 

We pulled up and set up the scope and while we were doing so, I looked up and saw two red lights - like glowing balls, leap-frogging each other coming up the power lines beside the road. They were coming so close, I almost ducked. Then they vanished.

I told him about it and pointed in that direction and then in the distance, below the silhouette of the mountains, we saw a red ball light dance in the air and another showed up, seeming to dance with it in the air. They looked very plasma-like and interacting. Then, they faded out fast one after another.

My friend's response was to leave. I was fascinated. I kept wishing them to show up again and they did! Sometimes it was one ball light, other times two and sometimes chasing each other or dancing separately. 

I could see the outline of the mountains behind them so they were not very high up. Sometimes they darted off and fizzled in mid air. There was no sound. And not a single plane in the clear sky.

We watched for over a half hour and finally put the telescope parts back into the car to leave. I looked out and they were still coming on and off and making curving dancing maneuvers.

There are a lot of reasons we see more UFOs in the southwest. I think one major one is military craft experiments and design and another is 180 degrees of sky that is clear over 300 days a year. We have vast areas of no city lights as we only build on a tiny portion of the large state. 

Are factors like mining interest by aliens or aliens stalking military facilities part of it? Well, we can't say any of that definitively, but the mind does ponder....

I live at the base of South Mountain where the infamous Phoenix Lights occurred. 

Let's look at some AZ UFOs - we are a HUGE UFO mecca. 


  1. ok so, I have lived in Mesa or phx my entire life except for a brief time in my life where I was in the Navy in California, I was in phx and just graduated HS when the phx lights happened, I decided to barrow my sisters truck and drive ou tthere the best I could, I vaguely remember I got the Truck under one of the light, after that I have no memory of the rest of that night when I think of getting under one of the lights all I remember is the light and I see myself in third person view. thats all I remember

    1. It would seem that you actively seeking encounters and your lack of memory of this shows that perhaps you are not ready to have such encounters. When we feel immense threat from something we witness that we never imagined could be, we can shut down our memory of that event. It's like a computer reboot. If we are ready, we stand there, observe, take note, drinking in every detail to share. It helps to learn more about these things so that when the time comes and you have an encounter, you already are expert at knowing how it goes and your mind doesn't have trouble accepting the reality.

  2. will I ever be able to remember what happened?


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