Friday, March 13, 2020

Trying to Explain Ghostly Phenomenon and How It Works

How do ghosts present themselves?

Being touched, hair stroking, phantom scents, odorless smoke, feelings of being watched, unidentified sounds, object movement, electrical issues, doors opening and closing, water faucets turning on, shadow shapes, apparitions, voices, cold spots...

In any of these descriptions of encounters with ghosts we are faced with a basic truth: We utilize our senses to realize they have manifested enough in our physical world to recognize their presence.

This basic truth is that it interacts with our physical (scientific) realm enough to be noted. Is it magic or it is something quantum?

Quantum: A discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

This would mean that what we consider the spiritual, things of a nature involving our relationship to God or the universe, is not magical or esoteric, it is simply quantum.

And that would put it well within the category of science.

If our spiritual energy can manifest good or bad things around us by the energy we produce feeling good and thereby receiving a radiation of good things around us, and negative creating negative, then in a way we are the ships in the sea that cut through the waves and leave a wake that interrupts swimmers and other boaters. 

So it is with the ghostly realm: They pass through our world and leave a ripple that interrupts our world. 

You may not see the boat that caused the wake, but you know that something passed through the water causing a disruption. This is the focus that we ghost investigators chase in order to possibly backtrack the "wakes" to find the boat "source." 

In the case of hearing a ghost voice, we have to assume that something produced sound waves our ears were able to discern. What does it take to create a sound wave? 

Sound is produced when something vibrates. The vibrating body causes the medium (water, air, etc.) around it to vibrate. Vibrations in air are called traveling longitudinal waves, which we can hear.Sound waves consist of areas of high and low pressure called compressions and rarefactions, respectively.

If you look today, we have Wifi signal sending information that we do not pick up as we go through our day, unless we have a receiver to interpret the signal and designate its meaning. 

Imagine a family living in an haunted house. They go about their days just fine until they run into a figure in the hallway or a voice in the kitchen. They are living alongside a spiritual "wifi" signal that is always there, but only under the right conditions recognized. 

What are those conditions that allow us to see, hear, feel, smell and sense a ghost? It could be any number of things from natural earth geomagnetic fluctuations to solar flares, just the right amount of bare surfaces for sound to reflect instead of absorb, and the human factor where someone is in an open mind state to notice. How many times have you had someone walk past you while you're reading and you glance up and ask how they got from the bedroom to the kitchen without you noticing? Other times, do you awaken to the simple sound of a faucet being turned on? 

The human factor cannot be discounted. The reason teams often like to employ a psychic is for someone who is more bloodhound about these signs, their very own receiver.

Now, if we consider the quantum spectrum of the universe, there is much we cannot see but it affects our world. In what way does the spiritual realm affect what is going on here? 

Well, let's look at bacteria. During the Middle Ages when there was Black Plague, people were dying at alarming rates. No one had a clue what was happening, other than suppose that there was not enough of the spiritual, perhaps God was angry, maybe it had to do with their religious practices.... They simply did not know.

What was missing was a look into a world they could not see or detect, the microscopic world. In that realm, there was bacteria, something they could not see or touch or measure and yet it was killing them.

We spend a good deal of time looking at the ghostly realm as something as finite as our 3-dimensional existence. We assume, one person, one body, one soul, one location. 

But if we look at it in quantum terms, the energy could be anywhere and connected in a kind of quantum entanglement. This is a situation in which two particles are attached on a quantum level and so no matter how far apart the particles are, what happens to one, happens to the other at the same instance. 

It seems like magic, but then once again we are dealing with a world we don't travel around in, like that pesky Black Plague bacterial world. 

So now we are left with the concept that the spirit realm is almost like a broth. Can you define in the broth where the pepper is? How about where the carrots' liquid resides? It is all fungible.

In terms of the oil and gas industry where I work, fungible could be related to the oil itself. Once oil is gathered into a tank, can you tell where it originated? It becomes part of a whole that is interchangeable. 

Now, let's recap how it all comes together:

You have a moment of spiritual prayer in which you focus your energy on communicating to a higher power your thankfulness and your wishes. This has a quantum rippling effect on your actions that you take, feeling both backed by your Maker and determined to create what you just outlined in prayer. 

Once a body dies and the spirit transforms, it becomes fungible in the spirit realm, not necessarily one soul, one location, one person, but part of a collective in which you can no longer separate the parts to find their origins or isolate them. In our living realm we can be isolated as we are carried around in a body that makes us separate.

How do you deal with a fungible source of spirit? 

I will compare this to a congregation. You fill a church with people who listen to the sermon, pray, perform benedictions, communion, and sing hymns. In some ways, they are a fungible collective, all there for the same purpose, working together for the same end. But, within that fungible service, there are individuals considering the sermon in relation to their own lives, feeling various kinds of vigor or illness, moving their feet and shifting to get comfortable. They are together for a higher purpose but they remain individual.

So, there is a collective fungible directive to the spirit realm, retaining the individual experience, and yet that individual has no location and can therefore be everywhere at once, not adhering to either our sense of time or place.

In other words, spirits aren't trapped. They aren't unaware of their death. They are simply everywhere at once. Anything we may consider to be a trapped spirit is likely a residual replay of a past history in a location, such as the sounds of battle, the walking of an apparition down the same hallway, or the scent of a cigar.

Let's look at quantum definition again in relation to us and places of haunting - 

Quantum: A discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

In other words, every where you have been, everything you have done left a radiation. That radiation is like a tag that you leave and when you are in the spirit realm, you are connected to everywhere and everyone you have encountered while here in physical form.

And why do we get sentimental about Uncle Harry's old smoking pipe? Perhaps because in a sense, a bit of Harry remains in the quantum arena that is the spiritual realm.

*Although no one can confirm for certain how the spirit realm works or even if it exists, my observations in this post reflect the scope of my experiences on earth and my deep desire to understand how it works. We may be used to seeing things as "here" and "there" and "you" and "me," but in a realm that does not depend on the physical or isolation, it would be a whole new experience of no sense of physicality, no sense of location, no sense of time passage, but a fluid collective that creates all knowledge, all presence, all existence. Think on that.

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  1. I have boomarked this because it has given me a whole new perspective on my Experience in the Jerome Hotel