Julie's and My Groovy New Life Etsy Shop Open!

We are pleased to announce our Etsy shop is open! 

Groovy New Life offers a wide variety of Julie-designed jewelry and lots of vintage jewelry, much of it with bohemian vibes. 

We are adding tons more to the shop including stone wraps from Nephilim Stones and canvas paintings by Sharon.

Expect us to add more arts, crafts, southwestern designs, and vintage fashion. We understand what our baby boomer peers love!

We are happy to spread our #WhatsBeautifulToday attitude about life in the baby boomer generation.

Our Groovy New Life blog is all about baby boomers and middle-agers chasing the dreams, repurposing life, downsizing, shifting gears, picking up past interests again, creating gardens, cooking, crafting, upcycling, traveling, and more! 

We are all about positive focus and growth, exploring and experiencing, making memories, and conquering anxieties to reach for the dream!