Groovy New Life - Middle-Aged Priorities and Motivation

Julie's and my Etsy shop "Groovy New Life" is up and running with tons of vintage jewelry being added. Expect to see some amazing art and crafts, fashion and more! It's all about baby boomers repurposing life with a nod to the past and a look to the future. 

If you love subjects like lifestyle, travel, entertainment, self-improvement, crafts, remodeling, downsizing and more - all with a positive inspirational attitude about how groovy life can be in the middle years, then you need to read our blog - Groovy New Life.

For over a decade, Julie and I have created art, written popular blogs, traveled the country, and shared the experiences of changes in our lives from her being laid off to me getting divorced.  

We always practice upbeat, inspirational, goal-directed attack of the bucket list. It's time to do things your way in your time. We offer lots of information and optimistic motivation. Join us on our blog, our Etsy shop, and our YouTube Channel (we are presently loading more vids). You can find Groovy New Life on Instagram too!

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