Google Earth: Strange Squares and Lines in Utah

Recently, I covered strange geoglyphs in Utah (LINK), hundreds of them. I went around researching and it was said to perhaps be markings for some ground surveys. Quite an elaborate map for that. Interestingly, those glyphs were right near a mountain range associated with all things gold, Jesuits, and ancient giants. 

So, I was looking up some of the elements that ancient giants mined. One of them was radioactive plutonium. I found a site in Utah where our country had mined it, but found a strange "square" over the area. I found other "squares" in that region and they show up every year on the archives. 

As well, I ran into those infamous "slash marks" that I found near the Henry Mountains.

Interesting findings. Perhaps something to do with marking places of importance. 

Utah is perhaps the most fascinating state when it comes to geology and ancient history. I will continue to spend time on this very odd and beautiful state.