Friday, March 6, 2020

Geoglyphs of Unusual Origin in California!

An intelligent and keen reader contacted me recently to share some strange glyphs in California just west of Topaz, CA. 

I had to look these up on Google Earth. The first thing I do is to go back to 2009 (earliest Google Earth images) to see if it was there then. 


How about 2010? 

Nope, although the strange thick lines running vertical and slightly horizontal are there in 2010.

Then, 2012- BAM!

So, from 2010 to 2012, someone was creating glyphs out there at the base of the Sierras. Why? Well, that's a mystery. And how? Well, a closer look showed the use of roadways to get in, which shows these were done from the ground with vehicle(s).

A close-up look shows that these were formed by track marks perhaps, a vehicle going back and forth. But the scope of this project is intense! The straight lines from 2010 were 300 feet wide and the horizontal'ish line was over a mile long. The figures were shaped with up to 100-foot wide paths and the largest figure that I like to think looks a bit like a Bigfoot walking is 1100 feet long. 

This was some kind of project! But why? Why go to this much effort for something seen only above? 

Let's look at how these have aged since 2012.

Here's 2016 (below)  

And here's 2019 image (below) 

Here is a ground shot of the area. A bit daunting to drive up and down and make shapes as the ground is fairly uneven in elevations with rocks and brush and wild grasses. 

The mystery continues.

For now, I'd love to thank my sharp reader who caught this!

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