Can We Treat and Defeat the Coronavirus Pandemic?

**Guest Post by David Claerr**

Effective Coronavirus (Covid-19) Treatment

Preliminary Explanation and Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to propose a potentially viable method for treatment of the Coronavirus in infected patients. The presentation of the method is to engender interest and investigation into the application of a combination of two readily available and inexpensive substances that work synergistically to mitigate the replication of the virus within infected cells. The target audience is ultimately health care professionals, who have the expertise and equipment to conduct comprehensive tests on this type of therapeutic regimen. The intent of this article is to spread the awareness of the potential of the treatment throughout the general public, with the hope that the message with be also transmitted to professionals in the fields of epidemiology, infectious diseases, pharmaceuticals, etc., or any individual or agency that is working to mitigate the spread of the contagion, and provide effective therapies for infected patients.

The first of the described substances (Chloroquine) is a pharmaceutical that is available only with a qualified physician’s prescription and should only be administered under the direction of a qualified and authorized health care provider as directed by a physician with an MD (Medical Doctor) credential, or by those with greater expertise.

The current hard science behind the proposed use of the therapeutic substances will be provided toward the end of the article, in a subsection with links and descriptions. The following is a brief summary of the processes involved:

The first element in the therapy is the use of a prescription pharmaceutical that has been successfully and safely used for the treatment of malaria for many decades: Chloroquine.

Chloroquine has components that are chemical analogs to the first major pharmaceutical used to treat malaria, Quinine.

The second element that works synergistically with Cloroquine is: Zinc. Zinc that is absorbed within cells and retained in the intercellular fluids effectively prohibits the duplication of the virus by interferring with the replication of the RNA of the Coronavirus, which comprizes the Coronavirus genome.

The reason that Chloroquine and Zinc are an effective antiviral combination is that Chloquine is a known Ionophore of Zinc. The action of a Ionophore is that it enables an ionic element, in this case, Zinc, to be transmitted though the ion barrier of the cell wall membrane.

Zinc is an essential mineral for the health of the body, which cannot be stored in the body for prolonged periods of time, and must be periodically replenished by consumption of foods or supplements which contain zinc. Zinc supplements, most notably, zinc compounded with Chelating agents (organic or amino acids) that form ionic bonds with the zinc, have proven to be effective in boosting the immune system and also provide an anti-viral effect within the intercellular environment.

Chelated Zinc supplements can be generally used at the dosage recommended by the National Institute of Health (American), in levels of between 9 and 13 miligrams daily by an average person in good health, but it is recommended that any person should first consult with a physician before using Chelated Zinc or any supplement, particularly in the case of pregnant or nursing females. The appropriate use of Chelated Zinc (even without Chloroquine) could potentially lesson the severity or degree of infectiousness for a person exposed to the virus. The combination of Chelated Zinc with Chloroquine may be the most effective therapeutic regimen for the disease.

Another highly interesting correlation to this proposed therapy is that South Korean physicians who are developing successful treatments for more-severe cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) are employing the use of Choloquine or the related Hydroxychloroquine. This therapy, though effective, in and of itself, at present, does not include the concurrent use of Zinc or Zinc supplements. (link to follow)

The link below leads to a comprehensive scientific paper entitled “Chloroquine is a Zinc Ionophore” published on the PLOS One website. PLOS One is published by the Public Library of Science, and is a peer-reviewed journal that covers research in the realms of science and medicine.

The link below leads to an article published by the Korean Biomedical Review entitled “Physicians work out treatment guidelines for coronavirus”. The article descibes in detail the use of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine for treating coronavirus patients by physicians in South Korea. 

Note from bloggers: We appreciate David giving a new insight into this health issue. David's viewpoints are his own and the blog is allowing him to voice this to an audience curious to learn more.