Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Are Ancient Giants and Bigfoot the Same?

When I began my research into ancient giants, it was because of Bigfoot. 

In my Bigfoot research, I had to wonder - who are their ancestors? They had to have left some proof their people had been here, had a lineage, and a feasible source they sprang from. So, I started probing into the findings of giant skeletons in America.

Going back to Native Legends as an oral tradition of passing information quite effectively, I went back over the themes of their history. 

Many tribes said there were an advanced people here when they arrived. These people had cities, were mining, and had many tools and items that made them seem quite well-established here when the Native People's ancestors arrived by land bridge long ago.

The Native People also carry legends of cannibalistic giants they had to fight and kill off or drive off the lands for their evil ways. 

Today, we find a giant people in the forests who appear to be trying to stay hidden from the vast population of humans living here. A people that might have over time grown hair on their bodies as an adaptation to living in the forests. They would have to go without established cities, technology of any kind, or anything that might make us angry humans pursue them.

Then, there are legends from the Native People of a tribe of hairy people who live in the mountains. These legends could be the ones of the more recent times as tribes over the past few hundred years encountered these feral giants who seem quite different than the ones explained by their ancestors from long ago. 

Bigfoot are related to living in the wilds, with no homesteads or discernible technology. Ancient giants are associated with massive underground tunnels, mining, heavy weaponry, elaborate burials and "cities." 

We could say that for the Bigfoot/Giants if they are one and the same, the Giants were sent off and in hiding against extinction and over time have forgotten their ancestor's technology and civilization. If a Bigfoot today came up to an ancient mound, might he stare at it and not realize it represented his people's past? Can a civilization forget they were once technologically advanced? 

Bigfoot are believed to have walked the land bridge during the Pleistocene era with the future Amerindian people. Giants are said to have arrived by boat long before humans arrived in the Americas.

I have to step back sometimes and look at it this way -

We do not report ancient giants walking around mining or building megalithic structures today or having their own cities and shipbuilding facilities. We do, however, have a very tall people who remain hidden and shun technology, afraid to give themselves away or just not bright enough to develop technology? 

The map above shows where giants remains were found. The map on the right shows Bigfoot sightings. It seems repeatedly that locations of giant encounters are riddled with the hairy tall ones today.

The mound culture area of Ohio and down into the mound areas of Mississippi and Georgia, loads of Bigfoot. Up in the Sierras in California, where giants were driven away by Paiutes at ancient Lake Lahontan back to their area around "Pit River" and Pyramid Lake, they are being seeing commonly today.

Let's look at America. Even for all our travel and ability to span the country fast, the first landing spot of our ancestors, the east coast, remains the most populated and parts of the western US are very sparsely populated even today. We often don't go far from home unless we must. 

Given that the giants might have been on the run, they likely would not have escaped far from where they were driven off. They went into the forests and mountains and remained safely tucked away without being exposed on open plains, waterways, and other vulnerable points of being witnessed. 

In other words, there was no land rush of giants seeking to go westward/eastward and hide. They took to the hills while being pursued by the greater population of humans and found a safe area in there to hunker down and remain quiet, a practice today's Bigfoot does exceptionally well. 

Something compelled Puebloan people to build in the cliffs. Someone built an extensive and enormous mound culture in America at a very distant past. 

If we felt threatened would we take to building strongholds up high where we can see the enemy arriving and not be surprised as a camp is taken over at night? Would we come to a land that had structures and take them over when the prior occupants moved on or died off? 

Some people look at Bigfoot as an idiot because of lack of technology, but lets have a look at how this is an invalid assumption. 

1. Your great great grandpa was a carpenter. How much of carpentry do you know?

2.  Humans are susceptible to cold and need tools to lift, hammer, and make up for lack of serious musculature. If a person was designed for cold weather tolerance and was plenty strong enough to do anything they want done with their hands, do they need tools? 

3. Why don't we find utensils and personal items? As those of our population that are becoming minimalists and tiny home residents, we are realizing that our "stuff" weighs us down, has to be moved around by hired trucks and workers, and collects dust everywhere we go. We lack freedom because we have a "burden." Without tools to give them away or items of sentiment to carry around, Bigfoot display the greatest freedom there is. 

I haven't come to a full conclusion on the matter of whether Bigfoots are the descendants of the ancient giants, but we have a very tall people who are spread out over the wildernesses here, whom the Native People believe have been here before them. Then, we have an ancient society that predates Amerindians' arrival that mined and built massive structures and were very tall. The Native People tell of these encounters with prior giants, as well.

Lacking any further archaeological evidence of the bones of Bigfoot, we can only go on the ancient giant bones uncovered in some of the deepest sediment and oldest times in our continent. 

I lean toward a connection, but as I accrue more evidence, you know I will share!

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  1. There is a possibility that the giants do use technology but when they outside they they hide it or leave it at home. That way if they are seen by humans they would be considered either strange animals or phantoms of a deranged mind. Since no bodies have been found they either bury their dead or deliberately destroy them. If they were known to use technology they would be hunted down as a threat to humans.