Review: Discovery Channel's "Expedition X"

I caught the debut of the new Josh Gates-related informational show, "Expedition X." 

I thought I'd chime in on Discovery Channel's newest bet for paranormal-geek viewers.

Being one of those viewers that missed "Destination Truth," I was thrilled Josh was willing to take on the unexplained again. To be truthful, I have been a very sporadic viewer of "Expedition Unknown" mostly because the subjects chosen are like taking history class again (yawn).

Josh's role in the opening episode was basically desk-bound speaking on Skype with the researchers.

The researchers were made up of biologist Phil Torres and paranormal investigator Jessica Chobot. They are both extremely easy on the eyes and kind and thoughtful. Although they possess some personality, there is nothing particularly memorable about the pairing. I will reserve critique until a few more episodes are under their belt, but I don't see any real intellectual combat here.

The opening episode involved the Mothman subject and it was nicely done with some locations we haven't seen, plenty of nighttime (c'mon, we all like the nighttime vulnerability), and a few interviews with experts and witnesses.

Do I feel they tied anything up in the end? Nope. But, then, the Mothman is not going to be answered in an episode of a TV series. 

The researchers are certainly likable, not too talkative. But, not real passionate either. It may be too early to tell if they have personalities, but for now it feels more like Josh is sending his kids out to do the lawn chores and they come back to report on the progress.

It could be that the show needs someone thrown in there that is a rough and tumble field guy who curses and chases things with great vigor and stirs the pot. I'm thinking someone like Bill on "UFO Hunters." 

I am not sure that these two have strong enough conviction or personality to carry this subject matter. It truly needs a bigger cast like "Destination Truth" or "Faked or Fake."

Next Wednesday they tackle the subject of the Cambodian Bigfoot. I will continue to watch, as I miss exploring unexplained subjects. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking "where is Ryder?" I need some wit and sass....

I would suggest giving Expedition X a viewing, perhaps several episodes to see if it unfolds with new information or new format. Depending on how you like your para subjects handled, it's pretty much along the lines of the usual culprits like "Haunted Highway" and "Chasing UFOs." 

I will continue to watch and report back if it "blossoms." 


  1. I have seen two episodes so far and it has made me realize just how much I miss Destination Truth. Bring that one back and you are on to something.

  2. I'm enjoying it, but MAN I miss Destination Truth! One of the reasons I loved it was all the corny jokes, chop busting, and witty banter amongst the team. Didn't matter what the topic was, I just used to laugh my butt off! I agree........where's Ryder??!!

  3. This show isn't bad but it isn't DT. In the latest episode Josh actually goes with them, and it feels more like DT. But what made DT so good was that the crew was part of the cast. That interaction with each other made it special. DT was one of my favorite shows UNTIL it became Josh, Ryder and everyone else. When it was Josh and the team it was good. When Ryder elevated to the co-host toward the end of season 4 and in season 5, it lost part of the charm. Josh was going out of his way to say her name in a lot of episodes. What about everyone else in the cast? They were notably relegated.
    The danger of Josh going out with the group is you now have two leading men in the field. That will be an interesting dynamic if he continues to go out. Jessica seems fine. Not sure where she ranks in the hierarchy of Ryder, Jael, Ali, Aricelli, or Lindsay insofar as leading DT female personalities.

  4. It looks like we all agree - we MISS Destination Truth. The minute Josh had a hand in the production of that (Season Three, I believe) the show became amazing.


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