Google Earth: Odd Finds at Pyramid Lake

The Pyramid Lake area has been of interest to me as that region has the remnants of the giant fluvial lake, Lake Lahontan, the oldest glyphs found dating as far back as 14,800 to 10,500 years ago, and the spirit man mummy dating from around 10,000 years ago. So, I thought I'd poke around on Google Earth. I found something interesting and sort of unexplained for now - 

You can see on the left side a pin I placed at the odd place.

You go in a bit closer and you see that on the Native Lands, there is a roadway on the far right that is dug into the dirt from driving back and forth there. But you don't really see a way up the hill to this site which is about 300 feet above the makeshift road.

Now, you zoom in and no signs of anyone accessing the area, but this 12 x 16 foot white building?? sits. 

Google Earth is always providing new ways to discover your world - sometimes just over the next hill! 

And, north of the lake found these cool pyramid shapes -