Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Cursed Treasures

As Dennis Guern and I have formed "Nephilim Stones" and worked on both research of the unexplained, prospecting, gem and mineral collecting, and jewelry making, one of the often studied subjects is lost treasures.

Some treasures are lost. Some folks are searching to find them. And some treasures, well, they are considered cursed.

Oak Island Treasure
Perhaps the treasure best known to people (due to the History Channel TV show), is the Curse of Oak Island. This location in Nova Scotia. Various people with reason to believe there is a treasure beyond measure hidden there, have been trapped by water, mud, broken beams of wood, and the like trying to get to what they believe is a booby trap protecting the treasure. So far, six men have lost their lives. 

King Tut's Treasure
Of all the supposed treasure curse, the curse of the pharoahs is the most well known.  Sudden early deaths were noted of those who opened the tomb. The leader died of blood poisoning from a mosquito bite. Some say that no Egyptians died of the curse, only foreigners. Speculation abounded about toxins within the tomb, but as no one was asphyxiated or died suddenly in the tomb, but went on months or years without passing, that is very low on the list of possibles.

SS Central America 
A treasure being transported in the mid 1800s off the coast of North Carolina made for a sought after find. Tommy Thompson got investors to believe in his ability to find the treasure and then when he found it, he thought he'd keep it to himself. He was later placed in prison for his crime. 

Lost Dutchman's Mine/Coronado's Curse
The Spanish Conquistador explorer, Coronado, took his men into the Superstition Mountains range in what is now the Greater Phoenix Area. He was in search of the lost cities of gold. He was warned by local Native People that the area was sacred. The men one by one started going missing, some found mutilated or decapitated. 

The Peralta family from Sonora, Mexico went into the mountain range to pilfer gold. Many of their party were killed by the Apaches.

Then, in the 1870s, a man named Jacob Waltz went prospecting into the mountains. When Jacob and his partner started showing up in Phoenix with high-grade ore to purchase items, many wondered where it came from. He would often come to town with bags full of this gold and then would turn around and go back to the Superstitions. Eventually, people wanted to know where the gold was so he'd make up stories and the people would get lost in the hills. He eventually died of pneumonia with sacks of gold under his bed. 

Many have tried to find the treasure since and a great deal of them went missing and died. Some blame the conditions - magnetized rock causing compasses to not work, no cell signal, deadly temperatures, lack of water, wild animals...

The mountains claim 4-5 hikers each year!

Some estimates put 8000 people a year looking for the treasure. As it is a federal park, any gold found has a HUGE curse - the government gets it!

Admittedly, as this is a local legend for us, we are diving right into the research and plan to share. 

The Ark of the Covenant 
Plagues, tumors, and deaths abounding, the Philistines were said to have been appropriately punished for handling the Ark of the Covenant. It is said that the ark contained the 10 commandments bestowed upon Moses. 

Black Orlov/Eye of Brahma Diamond
The stone weighs 67.5 carats. Originally said to be 195 carats. The man who brought this diamond to the US jumped to his death from a skyscraper. This diamond was ripped from the eye of a Hindu god Brahma's statue. Later on, two Russian princesses possessed the black diamond. Reports are, the two jumped off a building, killing themselves. A jeweler later on acquired the diamond and cut it into three pieces. People remain afraid to touch or wear them. 

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