"Yuletide Yeti" Travel Channel

Trees driven into the ground upside down? Barefoot 6-foot strides in the icy climate of Alaska? The "Yuletide Yeti" episode from Travel Channel was a delightful Christmas gift. 

Bringing in some experts to study what is referred to as the "Alaskan Triangle," this show brought us evidence we haven't seen before. It was impressive, tastefully done, and with good authorities and witnesses to present the evidence. 

This was a refreshing new episode on the subject of Bigfoot in Alaska. I highly recommend you catch it on the repeat. 


  1. Hoping the answer to this isn't incredibly obvious, but am very interested in seeing this. Having some trouble finding further info. You said the episode was "Yuletide Yeti," but what show were you referring to, darling?

    1. Going by the on demand channel for the travel channel network they sort of have it listed as “season 0” for the show the Alaska triangle


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