Two-Fer Paranormal Vacations: Enjoy Two Phenomena In One Place

Paranormal Geeks generally love everything paranormal, but many of us focus on just one study. Suppose you want to go camping this summer to try and encounter Bigfoot, but you're missing out on haunted campgrounds or sites where there are spooklights witnessed, maybe even a UFO hot spot!

Today, I'm going to focus on helping my readers plan a camping trek that might just put them in the lineup for a few kinds of phenomena in one setting, a two-fer vacay!

Ghosts, Bigfoot, spooklights and UFOs; all worthy things to explore outdoors, but why not combine camping with looking for the unexplained? 

Camping for Bigfoot

Comparing campgrounds around the US, my #1 pick for running into a Bigfoot or having an encounter might surprise some people. No, it's not in the Northwest - finding Bigfoot there is like a needle in the haystack compared to the population density of a location that has Bigfoot quite used to interacting with and living alongside campers. This place is Sam Houston National Forest in Texas, especially around Lake Conroe.  

Reports in this area are frequent with the Bigfoot being rather defensive at times because of close quarters. 

There are also reports of spooklights. These lights in the woods show themselves like a lantern in the forest and when you try to give chase, you never quite catch up with it. 

As well, Conroe Lake has a LOT of UFO sightings.

As those of us in research know, Bigfoot have learned about parks, dumpsters and trash cans, campers and fishermen. They are onto some easy access to calories.

Camping for UFOs

There are a lot of places to see UFOs, but only some yield a super high incidence and the right sky conditions to view. My #1 choice is Sedona, Arizona. There are plenty of campgrounds in that area and some have great amenities like fresh water and facilities. Cave Springs is a good choice.  

Even though you're camping, I suggest you make a trek for lunch or supper to the Red Planet Diner with a fun alien/space theme and good food. 

Sedona offers a lot of new age things and even some UFO night tours. They take you to hot spots and even offer night vision goggles. 

As well, you can join drum circles, get past life regressions, be healed with Reiki, get an aura photo. 

Camping for Spooklights

There are lots of spooklights across America in various wooded areas, but a most reliable spooklights area with campgrounds in an interesting site is Marfa, Texas. 

The El Cosmico offers safari tents and teepees.  It is near the viewing center, too.

There was a sighting reported with the BFRO of a Bigfoot in the Davis Mountains area near Marfa.

LINK:   I was towing my friend's car back to Midland TX. We were coming through the Davis Mt. area of SW Texas. The road was a two lane highway. I saw something on the side of the road that at first looked like a large cactus. I was driving about thirty-five mph. I hit my high beams and slowed down. When I turned on my brights I saw a very large head turn away. By then we were passing this thing. It looked to be about seven ft.tall. As we went by we all turned and looked at it, and it was looking at us as well. It had a very large head, large eyes and very long thick hair. The body was covered with thick, matted hair. It stood with a stoop and the arms were very long. This thing did not move as we drove past. But there was a very strong smell like garbage.

Camping for Ghosts

Calico Ghost town in California is said to be very haunted and the campgrounds are right next to the cemetery. 

The reports there include shadow people, orbs, apparitions, ghost lights, and more.  The most reported apparitions are a long-term female resident and a little girl at the schoolhouse.

They also have UFO sightings there.

LINK:  We had gone camping at Calico Ghost Town,for Calico days in the Mohave desert, CA, I believe it was Sept. 1973. ( I am sure about the year, just not the month) that night Mike, Sandy, Laura, and my self slept out side, we were making out with the girls when Mike stood up and asked "what's that ?" the time was approx. 2 am, I rolled over and saw what I thought was the moon shining through a weather balloon and told mike "It's just a weather balloon." and rolled over back to Sandy when Mike said, "That isn't a balloon." when I rolled over onto my back I could now see a large triangular craft approx. 300 ft. across, and approx. 300 ft. off the ground slowly moving over the top of us. What I thought was the moon shining through a balloon now looked more like an observation bubble under the nose of the craft, and it was glowing a dull light purple in color. As it moved over it made no sound, and I saw no lights, but as it cleared the moon you could see the light reflect off the craft and it gave it the color of gun metal blue, and the edges appeared to be rounded. It continued its slow moving progress away from us following the hills of the desert, and flying just above hill top level. Mike and I then got up and started putting on our shoes while the girls begged us not to follow fearing something was going to happen to us. So we followed running up hills, then down one and up another, but the craft got further away each time so we stopped and just watched. I saw no sign of an engine, and we heard no sounds. Had it not been for the fact it flew right over the top of us we would never even had known it was there. My feeling was that the craft was running in stealth mode, no lights and at very low levels to avoid detection. What struck me so odd, was back then it was supposed to be fast moving shinny disk shaped objects, like in "Chariots of the Gods" I did not see anything like what we saw until I watched a program on TV describing the same thing I saw, except ours did not have any of the lights mentioned.

Camping for Unexplained Vortex

Some places are just downright dangerous. They have a plethora of unexplained events in an area topped with missing people and you have what some call a portal or vortex. 

If you want to live on the dangerous side, try camping at Freetown State Forest in the infamous "Bridgewater Triangle" in Freetown, Massachusetts. 

The Bridgewater Triangle covers a swath of 200 square miles in southeastern Massachusetts. Things reported there are UFOs, poltergeists, giant snakes, thunderbirds, Bigfoot, balls of fire, light phenomena and missing people. 

Camping for Dark Evil

If you're a horror lover and adrenalin jockey, you might just want to try a really dark place with an evil reputation. I'd suggest camping at Devil's Tramping Ground in North Carolina.  

This area found in the Harper's Crossroads area in Bear Creek, North Carolina has a creepy reputation. The barren circle where nothing grows is said to be where the devil tramps around. Some say things disappear in the ring overnight and dogs won't go near it. 

Do you dare spend a night there?

What if there was a chance of a Bigfoot encounter, as well?  Chatham County has a history of Bigfoot encounters and the elements are all there to give you a night of chills and thrills. 

It helps to look for reports that make an area seem ideal for a "portal" effect. This is when there are a lot of phenomenon reported in one area such as spooklights, missing people, Bigfoot encounters, other cryptids, UFOs, and Native Legends fearing the location. 

Here are some other haunted campgrounds in the US - be certain to look to the skies for UFOs, the forests for Bigfoot and spooklights:

Lewis Springer Campsite in California
Crater Lake, Oregon
Lake Morena in California
Mount Madonna State Park in California
Braley's Pond in Virginia
Big Moose Lake in New York