Siberia and Romania: Similar Phenomena Going On?

Hoia Baciu, Romania

Devil's Cemetery in Siberia (Tunguska) and the Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania have some very similar terrifying unexplained features that makes one wonder - what is going on in these two locations? 


Hoia Baciu, Romania

Let's begin with Hoia Baciu. Those who love "Destination Truth" show with Josh Gates might remember an episode done there. They saw strange spooklights, got nauseous, felt weird and scared, and even got thrown, had scratches, and more! 

Let's look at the history of this spot in the forest where no trees grow (above).

(LINK) This forest has it all–mysterious disappearances, UFO sightingsghosts, and even ancient tombs. Hoia Baciu is home to the region’s oldest Neolithic settlement, believed to originate from 6500 BCE. The site includes archaic houses and a burial ground. Hoia Baciu was named for a shepherd who vanished in the forestalong with his flock of 200 sheep. According to local legend, neither shepherd or sheep were ever seen again. Most locals who live near the forest are afraid to go insidebelieving they will also disappear. Those brave enough to venture within have suffered from strange rashes, headaches, burns, scratches, and nausea, among other ailments. People reportedly experience a high level of anxiety while in the forest, along with the sensation of being watched. Electronics often malfunction in the area as well.

1968 photo of UFO over Hoia Baciu 

Devil's Cemetery, Siberia

Tunguska "Devil's Cemetery" Siberia

The area where Tunguska (the infamous ground zero of a meteor event 100+ years ago), has a meadow where nothing grows called "The Devil's Cemetery." 

(LINK There is a meadow called “Devil’s Cemetery” not far from the village of Kova in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia. The meadow is covered with remnants of birds and animals that for some reason do not decomposeVegetation on the meadow is rather scarce, tree branches are charred, animals do not live here, and people who happen to come to the meadow develop headaches and unexplainable anxiety. They say that ruinous energy of the place has something to do with the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.

"My compass’s hand froze and pointed at the North only. By the evening people developed tingling sensation in their bodies, some developed toothache. Everybody noticed growing anxiety. Shortly after 9PM we approached the meadow. Our radio froze, and we turned back.”


What might be happening in these places? 

Let's look at potential electromagnetic field issues.

What are some things reported by EMF field issues? 

(LINKA variety of symptoms (dermatological symptoms such as redness, tingling and burning sensations as well as for example fatigue, headache, concentration difficultiesnausea, heart palpitation) have been suggested to be caused by ELF (extremely low frequency) field exposure. The term “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” (EHS) has come into common usage based on the reported experience by the afflicted individuals that electric and/or magnetic fields, or vicinity to activated electrical equipment trigger the symptoms. 

Can EMF affect compasses? 

(LINK) DC underground cables produce a static magnetic field... Because the magnetic field from the cable alters the earth’s magnetic field, there is an effect on magnetic compasses close to the cable – they can point in the wrong direction. This can be an issue for ships at sea but very rarely causes problems on land, partly because the effect is localised – it is significant only within about 10 m of the cable itself.

World magnetic field intensity

What other explanations might there be for areas like these two locations? Toxins of some kind, perhaps buried iron from explosions of meteors, issues in the geomagnetism or electromagnetism, or legends born out of places with a scary past? 

We can't know for certain until someone with a curious nature and a lot of scientific equipment decides to descend upon these two locations and do a real compare and contrast on them. For now, just in my own research, I'm finding some striking similarities. 

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