Most Colorful Places in the World!

Sedona, Arizona (above) is certainly colorful, but there are places in the world that are so colorful that if you don't have a camera with you, you may weep. 

Russian abandoned salt mine

Russia has an abandoned salt mine that is very psychedelic! 

Blue Canyon, Death Valley

Death Valley may look barren and very rocky and dead, but the geology in the area shows some extraordinary colors. 

Coyote Buttes, Utah

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

This is the largest hot spring in the US and third largest in the world. It contains the colors of the rainbow. Pigmented archae along the edges of the mineral-rich water create a color prism. 

YuanYang Terraces, China

These man-made rice terraces are flooded with water, change colors depending on the season and growing.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The Navajo name for this canyon is place where water runs through rock. 

Dallol, Ethiopia

Potash, sylvite and salt mining was done here on large scale. 

Lake Retba, Senegal

The high salt content in this lake attracts a saline algae that turns the water pink. 

Fly Geyser, Nevada

This geothermal geyser. It is partly natural and partly not so, as some attempted well drilling created a situation combined with geothermal to create this colorful and interesting place. 

Zhangye Danxia Landform - China

Sandstone and minerals combined for 24,000,000 years to create this amazing scenic and colorful place.

What makes these places so colorful and unusual? Some are artificial, like the terraces in China or the salt mines that were dug in Russia. Others have minerals, geothermal, and geologic oddities to give them life.

These are surely out of this world places worth visiting and please, don't forget the camera!