Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How Do EVPs Work?

*This is a special guest post by paranormal researcher from Paranormal Authority, Brandon Strong
How do EVP’s Work?

EVPs are essential to ghost hunting. Almost every investigator attempts to capture them because they help provide solid evidence or any ghost or spirits that are around. Paired with any video footage, it is hard to deny the existence of spirits at any given location.

EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. This basically means that you are recording the voice of a ghost or a spirit around you. You can record an EVP on a special recording device, or normal recorder that you can buy at the store.

Typically, a paranormal investigator will ask questions while recording, anticipating answers. Sometimes, you can’t hear the EVP at the moment you are recording, but when checking back later, it may become clearer.

Why can’t you hear the spirit voice with your own ears though? Many people believe that some ghosts and spirits do not have the ability to communicate with us directly, but that they can manipulate electronic waves around them.

Since these voices are recorded electronically, they weren’t studied until later on with the rise of technology. One of the first people to try and capture an EVP was Attila von Szalay. In 1956, Szalay captured voices on a tape recorder that was custom built to capture paranormal activities. Szalay claimed that the EVP’s said, ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all’.

A few years later in 1959, Friedrich J├╝rgenson was recording bird sounds when he heard the voice of his deceased father and wife. He went on attempting to capture more EVPs throughout his life.

Most EVPs were captured with simple recording equipment. It wasn’t until the 1980s when a recording device made specially for capturing EVPs came into existence.

How to Record EVPs 

Before you begin recording EVPs, you should know what device you want to capture them on. Options include a basic recorder, a specialized piece of equipment, or your phone.

You can find a basic recorder at most stores or online. For a specialized piece of equipment, you can search online stores that sell paranormal investigation equipment.

Keep in mind, there are also several EVP apps that you can download (many of them for free). Don’t feel like you have to buy an expensive piece of equipment!

Trying to capture an EVP is actually quite simple. There are some basic rules and methods though. When recording, make sure there is no excess noise. This could be someone in your group talking, or a loud road right nearby. These noises could contaminate your recording, and you don’t want that.

Be sure to also know what you want to say to any ghosts or spirits around. They may be in the area, but if you don’t initiate any communication, they have no reason to communicate back.

If you are unsure what to say during an EVP session, here are some examples of questions and conversation starters.

· Is there anyone there?
· What is your name?
· How many of there are you?
· Questions involving the location (i.e. Did you die in this room?)
· Questions related to you (if in group, ask how many are with you)
· Do you know (name of relevant person)?
· Why are you here?

There are more things that can be asked to spirits around you; these are just a few ideas! No matter what you ask, be sure to choose your words carefully so you don’t offend anything around you.

After you finish your EVP session, remember to listen back to your recordings. If a few recorders were used, listen to them together to see if any EVPs line up. Try to debunk as much as you can so you are left with only real EVPs.

Remember that one of the most important things is location. Technically you could do a session anywhere, but a historic or older location is better than your apartment (unless, of course, you think your apartment has spirits living in it).

It doesn’t take much to begin an EVP session, you could even start right now. Now get out there are capture some EVPs!

Brandon Strong

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