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Does New England Have Evidence of Ancient Giants?

(Dighton Rock, Massachusetts)

Does New England house evidence of the earlier Tall Culture? Let's have a look - 

 (Dighton Rock today)

(Sketch of the inscriptions on Dighton Rock) 

Dighton rock is a 40 ton boulder found in the Taunton River where it was deposited long ago. The inscriptions are believed to be 10,000 to 13,000 years old - smack dab in the Dynasty of the Giants era - at a waterway - in land where they were dug up in Massachusetts, typical stone carvings that they performed. In fact, it shows signs of that famous universal language I recently discussed.  Theories so far are in the 17th Century a belief it was American Indians, in the18th Century it was considered to be  Phoenician, 19th Century theory was Norse, in the 20th Century the thought was it was Portuguese.  

First, let's establish Ancient Giant presence in the area - 

I will now add my 21st Century theory: Ancient Giants Culture. Along waterways, stone geoglyphs, and giants found in that region 

Source: History of the Town of Middleboro Mass, 1906
   "A few years ago when the highway was straightened and repaired, remains were found. When the skeleton measured by Dr. Morll Robinson and others, it was found that the thigh bone was four inches longer than that bone in an ordinary man, and that he had a double row of teeth in each jaw.  His height must have been at least seven feet and eight inches."

CLUES:  Evidence of Ancient Giants' possible structure and presence in the region of Massachusetts - 

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Mystery Hill

Source:  In as early as the 1600s, colonists were finding odd structures in New England.  Source:  Mystery Hill, the Upton Cave, Calendar I and Calendar II, Gungywamp and Druid�s Hill are just several of the names given some incredibly important historical sites of which many have never heard a whisper. 

Mystery Hill megalith in New Hampshire consists of stone structures found around a 30-acre area and often referred to popularly as "America's Stonehenge."  

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Bourne Stone

 (Bourne Stone from Massachusetts) 

The Bourne stone is a 300 pound piece of pink granite with interesting carvings on it. The stone is held by the historical society and was used for some time carelessly as a doorstop at one location. Legend says it was placed upside down so the local indians would not fear the writing. Some believe it to be runes, others say it is not Norse. Another theory was that it was Portuguese. I am so happy that in America so many old writings point to so many other cultures that no one can agree where the writing originated. That sort of universality to me smacks of the Ancient Ones' writing that was the universal language, therefore open to interpretation as any archaic language.

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Newspaper Reports

It would seem that New England, like Nevada/California/Arizona and the Ohio Valley was just as susceptible to unusual finds, unusual language that appears to look like many languages (signs of a universal language), Indian legends of giants, strange stone structures, and giant skeletons. 

It is time to relook at the very early Viking arrival claims, the supposed ancient Hebrew in America or Oogham symbols found her and the like. We need to start looking at these characters as signs of a language that started all other languages. It's like looking at a lineage. If you look at me and look at my mother and grandmother, you see similar features. We see these characters and see similarities to other languages. They have their own style from their own influences around the world, but they all were born from the same lineage.

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