Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Are Science and Spirituality Finally Marrying?

For a long time, humans have struggled between faith and church explanations for the universe and those of science. And even within churches they didn't agree on it, nor did arenas of science jive together either. 

That constant battle might be coming to an amazing union under the category of physics. And, suddenly everything makes sense - both intelligent design and the most elaborate intricate science that promotes perpetual motion of life and humanity. 

These two videos (and others by these two individuals) explain it so eloquently that you will many "aha!" moments. I've intuitively grasped this for a long time but hearing it put into understandable terms is showing that man is marching toward a marriage of what they know in their heart and their gut and what their mind processes. 

The implications for humanity are more powerful than any single church, math or science. It is as if man has finally become self-aware on levels that transcend this mortal dimension. 


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