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Top 5 Antarctica Mysteries

Antarctica is one of the most remote and inhospitable locations on Earth. Not many have been there relative to the world population and very few stay year-round, only die-hard researchers. Yet, this land of ice and penguins was not always covered in a sheet of extremely thick ice. At one time, the continent was part of the larger land mass that was on Earth that broke apart and drifted tens of millions of years ago. So, what kind of magic might be held within the ice? 


Apparently, fishermen in the Pacific ran across some kind of unknown creature that was part sea monster, part human. They came to refer to as the "Ningen" (Japanese for "human").  

Descriptions (LINK) say it is 60-90 feet long, whale like, and appendages that look somewhat like a head, legs and appendages that seem like fingers on a hand. It is said to be white in color, enormous eyes, and a slit-like mouth. 

Apparently, one shipload of people saw it surfacing, thinking it was a whale only to be quite horrified.

There are lots of authentic-appearing underwater snapshots being passed around on the Internet, many by hoaxers. It is hard to discern what might be going on here and why in the oceans, and especially around Antarctica, such an enormous blubbery creature is being reportedly seen without any truly authentic-looking captures that can't be explained by known creatures in the sea.

We know with a certainty that the ocean has provided some amazing finds and we have barely begun to uncover the secrets. In fact, the giant squid was only thought a myth until we finally managed to capture one on film underwater. It is a big ocean to lose many creatures in and perhaps even some that have evolved little since the time of dinosaurs like the coelacanth fish thought to be extinct and found several decades ago. 


It is called Lake Vostok. This is considered the largest subglacial lake in the world. For 15 million years it has been ice covered, isolated from light, air, and other organisms. It is 4000 m (2-1/2 miles) below the ice. And, in the 1990s, they discovered microbes and what they found was that the energy for these organisms was not based on sunlight, but on minerals in the lake. 

The Russian scientists are working with samples of water brought up and thousands of potential life forms. It may take years to sift through the information, but it will teach us much about our own earth, and about potential life in space, like on the moon Europa. 


Antarctica has some odd geological formation, to be expected with massive ice covering its landscape for millions of years. Some of them take on very pyramid-like shapes. A few believe that this means there was a civilization there and they did build pyramids. This is harder to accept when one considers that man wasn't around when this piece of land drifted off from the megacontinent.

These pyramidal shapes show up in freeze/thaw high altitudes like the Himalayas and the Alps. It sounds quite amazing and it is. Some believe it's alien work or very very ancient work by some unknown man. Chances are, if it were possible the best explanation would be that we are wrong about when the ice was formed. 

Hollow Earth Entrance and 
Admiral Byrd

There is a theory widely held of "hollow earth," that the earth is more like a hollow chocolate Easter Bunny, if you will. Some find evidence of it by looking at inconsistencies. 

(LINKEvidence shows that the earth rings like a bell after an earthquake for a period of up to about 60 minutes and that’s why some scientists and researchers say that this is due to the fact that the earth is hollow. If the earth had a solid core, when and earthquake happened it would likely absorb all of vibration and not resonate it. This is just one detail that should open your mind to the possibility that a hollow planet is a possibility.

It has been said that Byrd came across the land of Agartha (Hollow Earth) that had mild temperatures, water, and a people with vast knowledge. 

There are reportedly other openings to the inner world, according to believers, including the North Pole region, Mt. Shasta in California, Tibet, and other locations of great mystery.

Did Byrd fly over a temperate climate area in the South Pole and were his plane controls taken over by intelligent beings who landed him and met with him? There is perhaps no greater life-changing event than that. But, we may never be able to verify his adventures, long after he has passed. We can only ponder the possibilities. 

For more on his supposed journals (LINK) BTW, a very interesting read. 

Ark of Gabriel 

The latest news going around about Antarctica involves the Russian military supposedly guarding the transport of the "Ark of Gabriel" to Antarctica. This is a supposed doomsday device of ancient times recently unearthed in the Middle East. It is said that they dug it up by accident, it emitted some kind of plasma, toppled a crane, and killed over 100 people.

It has been supposed that this was unearthed, the Saudis had trouble getting rid of it, had the Russians come in and help take it to a place where it could not be accessed or cause trouble. 

This is yet another titillating tale of Antarctica, along with some older stories of Hitler wanting to set up a base there and perhaps make a secret hiding place.

Antarctica is truly a land of mystery that will not be releasing its secrets any time soon. But with new technology and the like, we can at least look at this very mountainous region and what it would look like without ice - 

And, in closing, here is someone's Google Earth imagery of Antarctica that seems to show a man-made "thing" buried in the ice - 

More info:
Lost City Under Antarctica? (LINK)

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