Review: Expedition Bigfoot on Travel Channel

I wouldn't let a Bigfoot-themed show pass me by. I had to check out Travel Channel's new "Expedition Bigfoot" (Sunday nights). 

Embedding themselves in a remote area in Oregon based on statistics that show a high probability of running into Bigfoot, the team launched itself with great enthusiasm.

Although I have never heard of anyone on the team, that doesn't meant they aren't earnest in their search. In fact, the usual characters they parade on TV shows and documentaries are more personalities than earnest sources of clear information. 

The team utilizes technology that gives them a step up. Scanning the area around their base camp with LIDAR (light detecting and ranging) they were able to see the entire forest area beyond the trees and obstructions to see the game trails and details that might give clues as to where the Tall Ones come and go.

Most of these shows are standard methods, but what I appreciate about this one in particular is that they don't just stroll in for the night and bang on trees and light fireworks, set up mannequin fake campsites and crying baby dolls (we all know THAT show). They are respectful of the forest, the other occupants, and the Bigfoot's personality.

It's too early to see if they find anything of great merit, but we can be sure that if anything was happening there at the time period they were embedded, they will share it and let us come to our own conclusions.

All in all, I will be following this series as I have found an earnest team with the right attitude and tools. 

If you are interested in this subject, I suggest some channels on YouTube: