Ghosts and Me

It's always a pleasure for me to meet other ghost experiencers who have been organized and determined enough to write a book to share it. Many have had encounters and puzzled, talked themselves out of it or figured others would ridicule them, so they have no real outlet for understanding what happened. That's where brave authors like Kevin Killen come in and help others put it into perspective.

Ghosts and Me, follows Kevin Killen's paranormal journey from his first experience at five years old to today, when he has experienced things at work almost on a nightly basis. 

He has captured EVP's, witnessed an horrific shadow person in an apartment in Pennsylvania, and two attachments; one good, one not so good. 

In writing this book, Kevin is trying to find answers to why he has had these experiences. In doing so, he found he has empath talents, which accounts for much of his ability to have encounters. 

Like most experiencers of the paranormal, Kevin realizes it is a life-long process to observe and understand. He gladly shares it in his book that can be purchased at the Ozark Mountain Publishing website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere you can purchase books online.