Sunday, December 29, 2019

Don Monroe Files: The Case of the Feral Tribe?

Researcher and self-proclaimed mountain man, Don Monroe is one of my favorites in the field. He has had over six decades of outdoors expertise and tracking, hunting, survival skills, and turning over every rock in search of the mysteries in our world. 

Some of his jaunts to study caves in the Northwest have led him to evidence of intelligent back and forth with an as-of-yet unnamed tribe or human relative.

Almost two decades ago, Don repeatedly visited a cave that showed strong signs of feral people living within. On one occasion, he left them some sparkly bead necklaces and other useful items and some potatoes. 

When he left, he came home to his cabin about 35 miles away and found a potato on his doorstep. When he went back to the cave, the potatoes he had left were all there, except one. 

It wasn't the first time his cabins were approached by someone living in a feral state. 

Over time, he left food stuffs and pretty items, practical things like blankets and knives. They were utilized. In fact, when putting gumdrops on wooden skewers and sticking them into a cave wall up high, he not only found they had been eaten, but the sticks were lined up neatly on the ground.

Footprints and handprints were casted in plaster in several caves where he saw bedding set up and ongoing signs of humans of some kind living, including small prints of children, oddly shaped prints of deformed feet, and very large feet. These were in very cold high altitude areas in caves that are hidden from anyone poking around. 

Bedding was set up about 6 feet long, 2 feet high and made up of things like sage brush. Two makeshift beds were set up side by side and in another part of the cave, two more of them set up side by side as if couples slept near. He even captured some casts of hands near each other as if they laid on their sides. The bedding deeper in the cave might have been for a particularly harsh weather evening for more protection or there was a tribe or clan of people utilizing it.

Repeatedly, Don experienced evidence of back and forth at his cabins with feral people from the caves. Which caves? Which people? He doesn't know, but some research revealed some possible wild tribes still afoot in the high altitudes of the Northwest.

It is his hope to get some very definitive back and forth with a group of hidden people who seem to be wanting a safe person to relate to.

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  1. The man seems to attract these feral people, it's like they know he is trying to reach out to them.

  2. Perhaps , but sadly the apparent deformations have come from a small group of folks not able or willing to expose themselves so they have had interrelations for many years. Some with missing appendages could just be accidental. I really hope that they open up more with Don and maybe accept another person to help alongside him. It's me Sharon B.