Can You Create Luck?

A new year, a new chance at good luck, right? 

There are a lot of tricks and tips offered for upping your odds of good luck, but logic and intuition might help you more and here are a wide variety of possibilities that play factors in luck.

Right time, right place
Following your gut/intuition
Positive energy
Lucky numbers, lucky charms
Personal magnetism
The more you play, the more chances of winning

These are some things discussed in regards to betting, lottery, entering contests, and the like.

First, let's look at the meaning of "luck."

Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.

In that definition, it would lead one to the conclusion that luck is defined by helplessness. In fact, someone HAS to win eventually if they participate. Whether you win, we are told, is because of factors we cannot control. But, logic would tell us, if you bought 80 lottery tickets versus buying one, you might have an increased sway in that "luck" effect. 

There have been efforts to figure out popular winning numbers for lotteries - 

According to USA Mega, the most common numbers drawn since October 17, 2017, are 1, 2, 28, 70, 14, 17, and 42, The Independent reports. 
1 was drawn 18 times
28 and 70 were all drawn 12 times
14, 17, and 42 were drawn 11 times.

Utilizing these numbers and buying more tickets would seem to affect the odds of your "luck." 

So, luck it would seem is not entirely a helpless variable subjective only to chaos and not to any order or personal sway.

Many suggest that slot machine have time periods of being dead or being on. For this reason, they suggest after a hit on a machine, move on to another one as it is likely to go into a state of stasis for a time. If you see someone playing a machine a long time without a win, it might be ready to produce one.

I would take a stance of intuition for increasing my luck.

You have an ability to jump time a bit intuitively. You can get a sense of "on" or "off" for a machine or a number, etc. To develop this skill, I suggest daily testing of yourself online with games of chance on a psychic testing sight. This allows you to learn that "mind-body" "absolute" feeling you get when you are about to have a hit verified. You really can learn this in sync "written in the history books already" feel when you have made a hit choice. I test here at the IONS site.

In the case of the Law of Attraction and manifesting, gambling could be treated like athletes treat training. Daily you work on imagery, imagining the ideal shot, how it will feel, sound, and all the feelings associated. 

They have found athletes can just imagine doing a sport and their muscles are responding to the imagery. Imagine if you worked your intuitive with imagery so that imagining winning creates a reaction in your gut and response time? This is training to be a winner!

For example, imagine you are a shy guy wanting to ask a girl out, but you are unsure you are worthy of her time and attention, you're worried about her saying no and losing the dating prospect. How do you approach the asking? Your instincts, your actions, your voice gestures, eye contact, begin to take you down because you don't think you're worthy and then the prize girl reacts to that indecisive approach. 

Now, imagine approaching her knowing you are going on a date with her, already have it plotted out, the asking being just a technicality to sealing the future that you have defined and deserve? When you approach her, you see her signs of receptivity and you go for it succinctly. Because you know she is going to say yes, she has no doubts you intend to date her and feel in control of the situation. 

Now, when it comes to gambling, thinking you are helpless to "luck," never win anything, are wasting your money - you make decisions that alter your luck. Perhaps you decide to gamble less money since you will lose anyways or you let the machine choose lottery numbers because you have no lucky numbers and the machine might be more lucky than you are. 

Everything you just did changed that so-called "luck" with less tickets and perhaps tickets that have similar numbers as often happens when getting lottery tickets on one ticket.

When one has confidence about luck, they often times are more willing to play games of chance, assume they will have payouts (a good assumption when you play more often) and have an overall sense of eventuality - they know they will be living a different more lucrative life in their future. 

Are there lucky numbers or lucky charms? Like any other symbol, it takes on a meaning for you. That meaning can give you confidence. If you have your lucky charm, you might buy 10  tickets or stick $50 in the slot machine as opposed to not having it with you. If you do win and have the symbol with you, you might attribute the win to it. 

Do we have luck or do we have recognized opportunity? 

That switch in perspective is all that is necessary. Some people see opportunities in life and say "why not?" and give it a try.

Others tell themselves all the reasons it would be a failure. 

The latter people feel locked into life and unable to make luck. 

The former people, however, lead themselves to opportunities for success and evolution by creating more exposures to "luck" potential payoffs. 

Gambling can be a playful encounter and for some a lifestyle or career. For a small fraction of people, gambling is a dangerous addiction. The key here is to remember there are no "sure things" or "guarantees" in games of luck, but there are understood odds and chances of winning or losing. So long as you enter the prospect utilizing resources you can afford to lose and you keep a confident attitude, it can be a serendipitous experience.