Scariest Arizona Locations

Arizona has a great deal of spooky scary locations like infamous ghost towns and shoot-out locations, but there are some regions that are so steeped in repeated high strangeness that they are worth noting. Here's just some of them - 

Skeleton Cave

You combine the geology and vessel of a cave that can hold onto events and then pair that location up with a tragic mass killing, and it becomes a place of infamy and unsettling energy. 

In 1872 along the Salt River Canyon in Arizona, when the Calvary trapped Yavapai Indians in a cave, four hours later 54 Native People were killed within. 

Apache Leap

This huge ridge near Superior, Arizona has a dark legend to its history. In 1877, a raid was waged against the Apache who lived in the area. The tribe members were cornered at the top of the ridge where they were forced to jump off. The story has changed with many renditions over the years. Admittedly, when you enter Superior and look up at this terrifying shape, you do get an eerie feeling. 

Apache Death Cave

I went down inside this cave up in Two Guns, Arizona in Diablo Canyon off of the Historic Route 66 (I-40). I admit this cave had some very odd energy that felt both desperate and agonizing.

The legend of the Apache Death Cave is that in the 1800s, the Apache raided a Navajo encampment. They stole things, killed people, and even took children and women who later were found dead.

The Navajo chased them down but the Apache thought they outsmarted them by hiding with their horses inside the cave. The Navajo found them and filled the entrance with wood and brush and burned it.

The Apaches were so desperate, they slaughtered their horses on the fire to use their blood to put it out. Days later when the smoke settled, the barbecued horses filled the entrance and inside the asphyxiated Apaches lay on the cave floor.

Casa Grande Mountains

Just  about 30 miles outside of Phoenix on the way to Tucson on I-10, you hit Casa Grande.

The Casa Grande mountains have been inhabited in the past by an ancient tribe that went missing, prospectors looking for gold, Spanish explorers.... but today they have another occupant in the form of a dark mist.

The black mist is said to follow your car along the base of the mountain and if you stop, it envelopes you and gives you feelings of great unease.

Superstition Mountains

The Superstition mountains - have so many creepy legends and fears. Many people have gone missing or found killed - sometimes in odd ways because German immigrant Jacob Walz claimed long ago that he came across a gold cache there. Since then, the legend grew and the attempts increased. But it is not a friendly area. It claims lives readily. It also has reputation as having the opening to Hollow Earth. There are Bigfoot reports there. There are tons of UFOs seen in the area. It is just odd and you can feel it standing at the base of it. If mountains could talk. ...


Bradshaw Mountains: An historic location and very beautiful, but also carries a legend of an underground military base and UFO visitations. In fact, the Bradshaw Ranch reportedly had similar events to the infamous Skinwalker Ranch and details can be found in the book "Merging Dimensions"

Four Corners

Mystery Valley 
Kayenta, AZ

The area where Arizona meets Utah, Colorado and New Mexico in the furthest Northeastern Area, is a land filled with great mystery, strange occurrences and the infamous skinwalkers, UFOs, and hitchhiking ghosts. Skinwalkers are said to be done by witches performing a dark witchcraft in order to shift into the skin of any animal and create havoc. The region of Four Corners reports a high incidence of UFO encounters and much of it might be by the simple fact the high desert has clear skies, 180-degrees of sky, and no city lights to obliterate what's out there. Are there other reasons UFOs seek out the region? Well, it seems that where there is one type of paranormal activity going on, there are many more types in the area.

Arizona is wild and wonderful and honestly filled with some of the craziest geology and history. You can feel it everywhere as the land is very haunted.