Great Hot-Drink-Themed Gifts To Make For Christmas

Recipe for stirrers here 

My very favorite and most appreciated gifts are foods and drinks baskets. I love them because they force me to sit down and have some luxuries I wouldn't sit down and give myself living alone and also because I'm not left with some knick knack I didn't need and now have to find a home for.

Ginger Theme

Hot Cocoa Theme  

Coffee Theme

Chai Theme

Don't forget the brave birdies who stay the winter!

Take the lid off a peanut butter jar and heat in microwave 30 seconds, stir, put it back in another 30 seconds, and stir, keep doing until it's runny. Now, pour it into a bowl. Mix in birdseed until it's a thick paste. Take cookie cutters and place on waxed paper atop a cookie sheet. Fill them with this birdseed/peanut butter mix (can place a straw in them to leave a hole to run ribbon and hang from trees) refrigerate until firm.